Siding Replacement – San Antonio

Siding Replacement – San Antonio

5 Signs Your House Siding Needs to Be Replaced

Does your San Antonio house siding need to be replaced? How can you tell? Here’s 5 signs you need to replace your house siding.

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The siding installed on your home exteriors is among the things people notice when they come to your house for the first time, so it will impact the curb appeal of the property.

As well as contributing to the outdoor appearance of your home, the siding can also improve the energy efficiency of your house. Siding that is old or worn out won’t deliver these benefits.

You can notice that the house siding needs replacement by looking at certain signs. But the replacement will have to be made at the right time of the year.

Take a look at the five signs your house siding needs a replacement.

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  1. Microbial Growth on the House Siding

The growth of mold, fungus or mildew may indicate that your siding needs urgent replacement. In fact, this is a common issue in San Antonio, Texas.

Mold, fungus, and mildew tend to grow on old and decayed surfaces. Their spores also inhabit moist and unsanitary areas. Though it’s difficult to spot their spores with a naked eye, you can easily notice the growth of these bacterial plants.

Most homeowners like seeking mold remediation once they spot any mold growth in their houses.

However, removing the mold, fungus or mildew doesn’t help to restore the original look of your siding. You’re likely to have unwanted plants growing on the boards if you fail to replace them.

Mold growth can be as a result of water getting stuck or penetrating inside the wall.

The water leaks can spread to other boards making it expensive to replace them all. You need to replace your damaged wood siding once you identify any signs of unwanted matter growing.

Consider wooden boards treated to reduce water leaks.

  1. Increased Energy Bills

Siding - San Antonio, TXYour energy bills are usually determined by the power consumption rates of heaters, coolers and other appliances used in your San Antonio home.

A sudden increase in your cooling or heating costs may be a sign that your house siding needs replacement. You can make such a conclusion after ensuring that there’s sufficient attic insulation and that the roof isn’t leaking.

Low-quality wall insulation together with worn out siding may trigger the high heating and cooling bills.

Buy siding products that have the Energy Star label, which symbolizes quality and durability. Invest in eco-friendly house siding options to save your heating and cooling costs.

You can even contact siding contractors to help you choose an ideal one for your house.

  1. Loose or Cracked Boards

A house siding is usually in the form of boards or panels that have been vertically or horizontally installed on the wall. A heavy storm may make these boards loosen or crack once water enters them.

Removing and replacing a few pieces of the panels can be a great idea. You need to ensure that the underneath layers aren’t cracked or broken. The siding may require repair or replacement if there’s significant damage on it.

When you notice large parts of the boards showing sign of cracks, it’s evident that your property needs immediate help from a siding contractor.

Failing to remove the cracked or loose siding pieces can make your house more susceptible to water damage. Avoid letting water get into contact with cracked boards.

Water manages to seep from the ground to the walls if there are no moisture control measures in place.

One of the common water control measures in construction sites involves adding a vapor-impermeable polythene paper, a termite shield or sill gaskets on top of a building’s foundation.

Such a strategy helps keep the wall dry and reduces the formation of cracks.

Having a foundation drain installed directly below your drainage seam helps prevent water damage on your new siding.

Rainwater from the seam falls to the ground with a lot of pressure. The water can reach your siding and cause cracks, mold growth or decay.

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  1. Painting Fades Off Quickly

One of the most effective house siding ideas involves having your siding painted. The boards and panels can maintain their color and shape for many years to come.

However, this timeframe can be lowered to five years if the siding of your house can no longer hold paint.

If the painting coat doesn’t last long, chances are that the boards installed on the walls have begun wearing out.

Before concluding that the boards need replacement, you should try hiring a contractor that’s reputable for using quality paint.

The contractor will inspect your siding to determine whether it can withstand a new coat. He/she may advise you to replace the boards if they can no longer hold paint.

  1. Presence of Bubbles, Holes, and Dry Rot

Insects such as bees tend to bore holes on boards as they look for shelter. The holes can deepen when rainwater or snow accumulates inside. Sealing the holes when they’re manageable can help. However, deeper holes may indicate that your siding needs replacement.

Water that’s trapped inside your house siding can release bubbles. The bubbles can be a sign of water penetrating through the boards. You should consider replacing these boards to prevent further water seepage and damage.

Dry rot, which is characterized by orange-brown dust, takes time to become noticeable with the naked eye.

Although panels installed on your walls can look good on the outside, they may have decayed on the inside. You can tap on the panels using a knife’s handle to spot any signs of dry rot.

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Ready for a siding replacement for your San Antonio home? Replacing old or damaged house siding can help protect your home from potential water damage. Hiring an expert to carry out the replacement work can help you save money and increase your home’s curb appeal.

We understand the frustration that comes with getting new boards or panels installed on your walls.

Check out the major types of siding that we carry. We can provide you with free estimates and guarantee the best warranties and fast service.

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