Window Replacement Can Boost Home Value | San Antonio, TX

Window Replacement Can Boost Home Value | San Antonio, TX

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When it comes to home renovations, some are associated with a higher return on investment than others. Window replacement is typically regarded as a home investment with a great return. Although ROI (return on investment) might not be the primary reason you decide to purchase new windows for your home, it’s definitely a positive aspect of this type of home renovation. By choosing energy efficient models for your new windows, you may achieve an even higher ROI. First Place Windows specializes in window replacement solutions for San Antonio, TX. With new windows, you can enhance the value of your home.

What Return on Investment Can I Expect from a Window Replacement?

On average, homeowners recoup between 75% – 80% on their whole home window replacement. Keep in mind–that’s an average range. Much depends on the type of new windows you choose for your San Antonio, TX, home. In many instances, customers have invested $15,000 in new windows and seen an increase of $10,000 in their home value. By installing top-notch energy-efficient windows, you may see that boost go even higher.

Value Boost Isn’t the Only Fiscal Benefit

When learning that a window replacement will boost their home value, many customers are naturally delighted, but many will also report that they have no intention of moving and listing their home for sale. Consequently, they are only “recouping” their investment on paper in terms of increased home value. However, the boost in property value isn’t the only monetary benefit of new windows. Each month, new energy efficient windows can help you save more money on your energy bills. In San Antonio, those new windows will help you keep the cool air inside your home and more effectively prevent the hot Texas air from getting inside. That means your air conditioning system has to work less hard to maintain your cool temperature, which translates into lower energy costs for you.

More Value with Energy Efficient Windows

When you invest in energy efficient windows for your whole-home window renovation, you may be able to save up to $350 per year on energy costs. Look for windows with the Energy Star label. The window experts at First Place Windows can help you select the ideal energy efficient windows for your San Antonio home. Over time, your energy bill savings can add up to thousands of dollars.

More Benefits of Your San Antonio, TX, Window Replacement

Once your window renovation is complete, you can look forward to other benefits thanks to your investment in home improvement:

Improved Functionality

New windows mean improved functionality. If you have windows that are difficult to open, you’re sure to enjoy the improved functionality of new ones. Tired of struggling to lift up stiff window sashes? You can choose models that are easier to open and close for your new windows. What types of open/close methods appeal to you? An associate from First Place Windows can help you choose models that are ideal for your preference.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Old windows can detract from the exterior appeal of your San Antonio home. There is a dazzling array of window styles you can select for your new window renovation. Choose a contemporary style to match your modern home. Looking for a vintage-inspired style or a style to complement your Southwestern-style house? You can find the ideal models to give your house a curb appeal boost.

Reliable Comfort

A whole-home window replacement can improve the interior comfort of your home. When you have consistent temperature control, you and your home’s occupants and guests will be more comfortable during the intensely hot San Antonio summers or cooler winters. New windows have tremendously improved insulating and energy efficient properties. Thanks to better technology, today’s new windows are enhancing interior home comfort.

Maintenance Ease

Cleaning windows can be difficult, especially on upper-story windows. Talk to First Place Windows about choosing windows that are easy to clean. Some window designs fold inside so that you can conveniently wash them from your home’s interior. Naturally, you’ll want to keep your new windows clean and clear, so look for models that make cleaning a breeze.

Choosing New Windows for Your San Antonio Home

It can be tough to choose new windows for your house. That’s because there are many styles and types to choose from today. While First Place Windows can help you select windows, you might begin to narrow your search by focusing on:

Energy Efficiency

To achieve great cost savings from your new windows, think about choosing models that have a great energy efficiency rating. Remember, energy efficiency windows can also give your property value a bigger boost.


Everybody has a budget! First Place Windows can help you choose quality windows that suit your budget. The cost for your window replacement renovation naturally depends on how many new windows you want to buy and install.


Window style is important. Most customers look for a window style that will complement the style of their home. A style that seems incongruent with a home can detract from the house’s aesthetic appeal. While functionality is definitely a top priority, the style of the window should play a role in your purchase decision too.

Design and Function

Of course, it makes sense to choose a window design that appeals to you and that will function the way you want your windows to function. Whether you want sliding windows or windows that open with a crank function, you can choose the design that’s ideal for you and the occupants of your home.

If you’re ready to enjoy a home value boost along with the other benefits of a window replacement renovation, contact First Place Windows to learn more about our services and high-quality windows. We can answer all of your questions and help you select the ideal windows for your house.