Siding Contractors – San Antonio

Siding Contractors – San Antonio

What To Look For When Hiring Siding Contractors in San Antonio

Are you looking to improve your house’s value, looks, durability, and energy efficiency with new home siding? From insurance to warranties to licenses, here’s important information to finding a quality siding installer in San Antonio, Texas.

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Which San Antonio Siding Contractor will you hire for the job?

A quick “siding contractors near me” Google search will give you tons of options for siding contractors in your area. But while some do a great job, many aren’t necessarily in the business to provide the best service. And while the lack of siding may reduce the value of your home, so is hiring the wrong person for the job.

Here’s 7 tips to finding a quality siding installer in San Antonio, Texas.

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7 Factors to Consider When Hiring Siding Contractors

Since siding companies aren’t equal in terms of service delivery and professionalism, use these checks to make the right hire.

  1. Proximity

As a general rule, always hire local siding contractors. Community-based contractors are familiar with the weather conditions in your area and the latest building codes in your community.

Since climate conditions play a major role in choosing the right type of siding, working with someone who understands the weather patterns in your area will help you choose the best siding for your home.

For instance, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, don’t hire vinyl siding contractors (unless they also install other types of siding). Vinyl siding and extreme temperatures don’t mix. It buckles under extremely high temperatures and becomes too brittle when it’s freezing outside.

Besides choosing the right type of siding, working with a local contractor allows you to visit some of their past projects within your community so you can get an idea of what their work looks like. Even better, you’ll know their physical address. In case of faulty installation, you won’t have to wait for several days to get help.

  1. Professional Experience and Customer Reviews

The last thing you want is to be a siding contractor’s first client. Ideally, you want your siding company to have a significant amount of experience in their craft.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the people working on your home know what they’re doing.

To find out whether prospective siding contractors have enough experience, ask them to provide proof of experience. Don’t take their word for it. Go the extra mile of looking for reviews from their past clients to see how well they conduct their business. Often, these are easy to find from online platforms such as Yelp.

For example, if you’re considering hiring First Place Windows, a quick Google search will show you our Yelp review.

When asking for proof of experience, pay attention to the area of specialization. Siding contractors have specific specializations, and it’s important to ensure that their experience aligns with the specific needs of your siding project.

  1. Insurance

LP SmartSide SidingWorking with a siding company that doesn’t have insurance can be disastrous. Without proper coverage, you’ll be liable for any issues that arise following or during the siding installation.

So always ask prospective siding service providers to provide proof of insurance. Ideally, this should include property damage insurance, workers compensation insurance, and liability insurance.

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  1. Licensing

You’ll want to check if the siding provider you choose is licensed by your state. That way, you’ll be able to avoid fraudsters and substandard service providers.

Keep in mind that every state has different licensing regulations. Some might even require your contractor to provide a specific license before the siding installation.

Regardless of the regulations in your state, your contractor should be able to provide all the necessary licenses upon request. Failure to do so might result in legal issues – which may delay your project.

To find out whether your provider is licensed by your state, perform a contractor license search by entering his license number and your state code.

  1. Warranty

The ideal contractor should also provide a workmanship guarantee. Construction jobs such as siding installation are unpredictable in terms of quality guarantee. As such, you need a provider who’ll own up to their mistakes and fix any problems that may arise.

First Place Windows offers a workmanship guarantee and will address any quality issues for free as long as all the warranty terms and conditions are met.

  1. The Siding Materials Used

Any siding service provider with your interests at heart will advise you to use James Hardie Siding. It’s by far the best type on the market and is made with durability and flexibility in mind.

It’s comprised of fiber cement, which besides being strong, is flexible enough to accommodate various siding designs.

Not all siding installers are allowed to use this kind of siding. So before you choose a particular contractor, ensure that they’ve been certified by the manufacturers of James Hardie Siding.

  1. Payment Plan

A good siding company should never ask you to pay the full project cost upfront. They should give you a detailed payment plan so you can pay in installments if you want to.

Typically, siding installation payment plans require you to pay about half of the project’s fee upfront. The rest is negotiable, periodic installments. To avoid complications, always put everything in writing and ensure that your provider’s signature is included in the contract.

Where to Find Reliable Siding Contractors

If you’re looking for siding contractors in Texas, look no further than First Place Windows. We provide free estimates and the best warranties you can find in your area. Our prices are pocket-friendly and our service is fast, while not compromising on quality.

Our experienced siding contractors pay special attention to every project to ensure that all your quality expectations are met and exceeded. We use the best siding types in the market, including the award-winning James Hardie Siding, LP SmartSide siding, and Celect Siding.

And if you’re interested in this and other home improvement services, you’ll find everything you need on our services catalog.

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