Best Time of Year for Siding Installation in San Antonio, TX

Best Time of Year for Siding Installation in San Antonio, TX

Autumn is the Best Time of Year for Siding Installation in San Antonio, TX: Here’s Why

If you’re thinking about having your San Antonio, TX home siding replaced, now is the perfect time. Learn why autumn is the best time of year for home siding installation.

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Autumn is the season for pumpkin spice lattes, fuzzy socks, jack-o-lanterns, and orange trees.

And home siding.

That’s right. If you need to replace or install siding on your San Antonio home, autumn is the perfect time to do it. But why?

We’re going to answer that question for you.

Keep reading to learn why you should always save your home siding installation for fall.

Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for Home Siding Installation

Installing siding on your San Antonio house isn’t like other home improvement projects. If you install the siding at the wrong time, you can do more harm than good.


Things like temperature or moisture can damage the siding before you even get the chance to attach it to your wall. Trying to hand home siding during hot or cold weather could leave you with expensive repairs.

But there is a good time to install your new siding. And that time happens to be right now: autumn.

So if you want to install house siding, you’d better do it soon.

Here’s a quick list of what makes autumn the perfect season for home siding.

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It’s Not Too Hot

Home is made of plastic. That means it can melt if the outside temperature gets too hot. But even if it doesn’t melt completely, the heat can cause it to stretch or expand.

When the temperatures drop back down, the home will shrink again.

That’s why summer is a bad time to install new siding.

If you try hanging a piece of home siding to your exterior wall in the summer, it can be as much as five-eighths of an inch longer than it should be. Once the winter rolls around and the siding contracts, it won’t cover the entire exterior wall.

This can cause all kinds of problems.

The siding can come loose. It might bump against the window casings, which can make it fall off. It also doesn’t insulate your house well, meaning your heating bill will go up.

It’s a good idea to stay away from heat when you’re installing your home siding.

… Or Too Cold

Just how home siding expands when it’s hot, it contracts when it’s cold. So you’ll end up with a similar problem on your hands if you try to install home siding when it’s cold outside.

Because siding gets smaller when it’s cold, you might make the mistake of nailing the siding on too tight. Home also becomes more delicate in this weather. If you aren’t careful, you could break or crack the siding as you’re hanging it.

In other words, you have to shell out more money to replace the panels you damaged. That can make the job much more expensive than it should be.

Don’t ever try installing home siding if it’s below 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Spring Brings Rain

Rain doesn’t damage the siding itself, but it does pose some problems to the rest of your home.

In theory, you can install siding in spring without a problem. But that’s only if you don’t get any rain. While you’re installing home siding, the sheathing of your home is exposed to the elements.

If moisture gets inside your sheathing, it can promote mold growth. And a moldy house can be dangerous. Not only does it weaken the building, it negatively impacts your health.

The process of removing the mold can also be expensive. Again, this will cause you to pay more money for the siding job than you would if you waited until autumn.

Make sure there’s no rain on the forecast when you’re installing siding.

It Gets You Ready for Winter

Home siding acts as an extra layer of installation for your house during the cold months. It keeps the heat inside and the cold outside.

Because it prevents heat loss, you won’t have to spend as much money on your energy bill as previous years. Siding also protects your home from moisture and uncomfortable drafts of air.

When your install home sidings during the fall, you’re winterizing your home. It helps seal your home from cold temperatures, rain, ice, and snow.

The Prices Are Cheaper

Isn’t autumn the best time to install home siding? So shouldn’t it be more expansive during this time?

Actually, the prices go down during autumn.


Because most homeowners in San Antonio, TX still install new siding during the spring or summer months. Autumn is also when many contractors get their new inventory. Both of these things cause many contractors to discount the material.

Some companies have fewer jobs during this time as well. On top of the discounted material, you might be able to find a good deal on labor costs.

Waiting until autumn to install your siding can save you a lot of money.

When contractors don’t have a lot of work, they’ll spend more time on your home. That means they’ll finish your house quickly. And you can rest assured your siding was installed the right way.

Picking the Right Time for Home Siding Installation

Home siding isn’t just decoration that makes the outside of your house look nice. It protects your sheathing from moisture, keeps the interior temperature comfortable, and lowers your energy bill.

But there is a right and a wrong time to hang your siding.

If you can, wait to start your home siding installation until autumn. The weather gets too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and too wet in the spring.

Now is the best time!

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