Types of Windows : Part 2

Types of Windows : Part 2

Types of Windows: Part 2

Bay windows are some of the most aesthetically beautiful energy efficient windows on the market. These windows provide a larger capacity to let natural light in while still protecting from harmful UV rays. They also add a touch of architectural flair to your home, not to mention the incredible improvement to curbside appeal. Many homeowners choose to add benches and reading nooks to these gorgeous energy efficient windows for even greater versatility.

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Arched Window

Speaking of architectural flair, the arched window is a great way to add classic and interesting style to your home. This unique energy efficient window is not only a great conversation piece, but it also adds great curb appeal to a home. Worried about the difficulties of cleaning? Have no fear! First Place Windows come with an easy clean treatment that repels dust and smudges for a whole year.


Round Window

Round windows are a great addition to any home seeking to wow and catch the eye of visitors. Inspired by stained glass rose windows from gothic cathedrals, these energy efficient windows add a classic style to your home while still showcasing modern qualities with clean lines and simplicity. Not only do these round windows come in a perfect circle they can also come in half circles, quarter circles, ovals, and ellipticals. So no matter how eclectic your style you can find one to suit your needs.

Picture Window

If your home includes a view to die for or you simply love nature, picture windows are for you. Picture windows have the unique ability to automatically immerse your indoor with the outside world of nature and beauty. These wall sized single pane of glass energy efficient windows allow in the maximum amount of light without running up your energy bill due to heat or cold. Allow nature to become a part of your home and astound guests with the profound view your home provides.