All You Need to Know About Sound Resistant Windows

All You Need to Know About Sound Resistant Windows

There are so many sounds that wake us up or interrupt our peace at home. We wish we could just shut them off. Well now, there’s a solution: sound resistant windows! Sound resistant windows help to block noise out of your home and let you relax.

Now there are 4 main things to look for when you are considering sound resistant windows;

  1. Glass Thickness: Just like a thick wall, thick glass will block out sound.

2. Asymmetrical Construction: Sometimes people construct windows with multiple panes of glass in different thicknesses. It helps with reducing sound.

3. Lamination: Lamination is kind of like tint, it’s a thin film placed on your window. Lamination will absorb sound waves and prevent them from traveling through the glass.

4. Air Space: Air space is the space between the panes of glass in your window. The “air space” between your windows will also help with reducing sound. The more space, the better!


There’s a way to measure the sound reductiveness of these windows; It’s called a STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating. The higher the rating, the better the window is at preventing unwanted sounds from coming into your home. Standard windows are usually rated at a 26 or lower but some windows can go all the way up to a 34*! I know that doesn’t seem like a big change but, even just small increment can make a big difference! A window with a 34 rating can reduce sound by 43%. That means it brings outdoor noise to a comfortable level; down to 60 decibels. Even a cut of 10 decibels is noticeable and cut noise levels in half!

Imagine napping while your neighbor is mowing; you probably can’t! With sound reducing windows it’s more than possible. Start enjoying your days off or even time home with you family with no more outdoor noise with sound reducing windows.