Why Invest in Energy Efficient Windows?

Why Invest in Energy Efficient Windows?

The simple answer is energy efficient windows have the power to save you money, add beauty and value to your home, and create a lasting investment that future generations will benefit from. Like all modern technologies, energy efficient windows have become new and improved to better suit your family’s forever home.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

With energy efficient windows from First Place Windows, several different aspects of your home can change for the better. Energy efficient windows have the ability to cut your electric bill costs by lessening your use of air conditioning and heating. They do this by keeping the interior temperature more constant during all types of weather so that your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our customized windows allow for any design or style to beautify and update your home and it’s curb appeal. With almost no ultraviolet rays getting through the glass you and your family can enjoy natural lighting while keeping your carpet, curtains, and furniture from fading. And now with our EEE-Z-Kleen window treatments, your windows won’t be able to hold dust and debris as easily, allowing them to stay cleaner longer.


“With energy savings and less maintenance, First Place Energy Efficient Windows practically pay for themselves.”


Modern Advancements for Energy Efficient Windows

Most of our windows’ glass is manufactured out of Cardinal Glass Industries, and it has already been through many of the processes of making a window energy efficient. The glass for our windows goes through a process called low emissivity coating. This process basically allows for three separate coatings of pure elements such as silver, titanium, or zinc to be produced on the inside of two pieces of glass that are then sandwiched together. What this process does is allow the glass to not only screen out a greater percentage of ultraviolet rays, it also allows for better visibility and insulation for keeping the interior of your home the right temperature during different seasons.

With all these new technologies and added benefits, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t invest in energy efficient windows. If you’ve got more questions for us or you’re ready to sign up for a free in-home consultation and estimate, call us today! First Place Windows is known for it’s personal touch and customer oriented service.