Benefits of Simonton Window Installation

Benefits of Simonton Window Installation

One of our most unique suppliers is Simonton Windows. They have two types of windows that we use specifically for houses with Stucco siding. These windows have become very popular as more and more houses in San Antonio are being built with stucco siding. The DaylightMax and Madeira windows are both especially equipped with a stucco flange that allows for an airtight seal after window installation. Each type of window has its own unique benefits as well. The Madeira window from Simonton has a specific frame to complement classic architecture and homes with more character. It is a more traditional look with the style and proportion of classic wood windows. Although this window has a classic look, the technology that goes into making the window energy efficient is up to today’s standards. Their unique style options and combinations make it easy for you to get exactly what you want for your home in San Antonio.

The DaylightMax window from Simonton has a special new feature that allows more sunlight into your home. This is due to its specialized slimmer frame and wider viewing area. Not only does it allow for 40% more light into your home, it also has energy efficient technology. That means no matter how much light is getting into your home uv rays are still blocked sufficiently, giving you the full effect of sunlight without damaging or fading your furniture, carpet, or curtains.

Both windows are available with energy efficient technology built in. Specifically, these windows come equipped with standard double strength ProSolar Low E glass with Argon gas for insulation. This allows the home to stay at a more constant temperature no matter what the weather is like outside which in turn lessens the electric bill. You and your family are also safe from uv rays and their harmful effects. First Place Windows wants to make sure your family is not only satisfied, but also protected.


The most significant attribute of these windows is the built in stucco flange that allows for a leak-proof seal on stucco siding. Most window installations on homes with stucco siding can often be sealed incorrectly or poorly. This is due to the fact that when replacing windows stucco can often break off or crumble around the frame of an old window. However, this stucco flange allows for maximum coverage of any crumbling stucco and can be tightly sealed with specialized caulk. First Place Windows can guarantee that your home will be sealed properly.

Both Madeira and DaylightMax windows come with the stucco flange as well as the energy efficient technology. Along with modern technology, Simonton provides a Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty with each type of window. Call First Place Windows for more information and a free in home estimate today!