3 Warning Signs Your Patio Doors Need to Be Replaced Soon

3 Warning Signs Your Patio Doors Need to Be Replaced Soon

What if I ask you if you think you should replace your patio door in your San Antonio Home? You probably don’t know — as it is, you hardly pay any attention to them. Just like every other thing in the house, patio doors need equal attention. With time, constant use, and temperature change the material tends to lose its original sturdiness, which creates the need for patio door installation. As expert in home patio covers, here’s what you need to know about your doors.


You should check your patio doors, front to back, to check if there are any warning signs. If yes, you need to call patio door installation specialists today. Wait…how would we know what the warning signs are? Well, don’t worry! We put together a list for you below.

Gliding Patio Doors

Your Patio Doors Have Large & Visible Cracks:

Cracks are the first sign of wear and tear. These giant cracks can often result in unusable doors. Additionally, these cracks are a place for insect nests that can damage the entire foundation. When you find these cracks, it means the door has no longer the strength to offer maximum hold. If you see said cracks, you have no time to wait! Replace the patio doors immediately.


The Seals Have Shrunk or Cracked:

Even when you haven’t considered changing the doors for years, this is a universal sign. If you find gaps or cracks in its seal, you should replace your patio doors as quickly as possible. It can cause severe damage to your home during the rainy season. When the water starts dripping, it gets stored in the cracks resulting in damage to your home and even mold, which is harmful to your health.

The Patio Door Does Not Slide Smoothly:

There are many reasons why patio doors do not slide smoothly. This is common when the track of the sliding door is made of metal and rusting can become a problem. Sliding problems are also found in other materials like vinyl doors. Sometimes, sliding doors can “fall off” tracks. If this happens replace your patio doors ASAP!


These warning signs are serious. If you have already observed these signs and looking for installation experts, First Place Windows is the one-stop solution to get professional window installation along with custom patio doors.