Window Types: Choosing Replacement Windows For Your San Antonio Home

Window Types: Choosing Replacement Windows For Your San Antonio Home

Learn About The Kinds on Windows For Your San Antonio Home

Anything related to home improvement can be a very overwhelming task. In a fast-paced and quickly advancing society, home technology is continuously evolving. The result of this growth can sometimes heighten the cost to homeowners — especially when you have an old home with metal or wooden framed windows.

Outdated windows can result in various problems to the home, especially on the insulation. Even when the ceiling, floors, and walls are properly insulated, outdated windows will still let outside air in and waste your A/C. So what should you do? Why not make your home energy efficient!

You probably have checked out various window installation companies so that you can replace the old windows. There might be a chance that you have already chosen one but are taking a step back looking at their high fees. We, at First Place Windows, can ensure we are providing you with top quality services and home window replacement.

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You might be thinking, why not someone else? The reason is simple — because we love what we do.

Types of Replacement Windows:


Vinyl Windows:

In San Antonio, vinyl windows replacement is half price compared to the wooden frame. These designs have a honeycomb-like lining around the frame that can retain heat and trap air, thereby making it a powerhouse of energy efficiency.

Moreover, vinyl windows can be given any shape and fit, which becomes a handy feature for the old homes that have odd window sizes. This can definitely be an excellent choice for you.


Composite & Fiberglass Windows:

Composite and fiberglass frames are another great and cheap option for wooden window replacement. These alternatives have similar materials which are mostly found in car panels and automotive bumpers.

These are durable materials that does not need any additional maintenance. Apparently, the materials are more energy efficient than vinyl windows. It’s more expensive than vinyl windows but more affordable than wooden frame windows. Some manufacturers offer polyester and fiberglass resin materials that give you the freedom to paint to match your home.

Wooden Frame Windows:

There are no competitors around when it comes to wooden frames, these frames look amazing. Nevertheless, in this competitive market wood frames are losing their dominance to windows with more affordable and efficient materials.

Undoubtedly these are pricey, but on the other hand, these wooden frames are beautiful, energy efficient and sturdy. To overcome its maintenance issues, many experts use a vinyl coating.  When styling wooden frames can be the prime choice.

Most of these are definitely cost effective and energy efficient while others are a bit pricey yet has aesthetic appeal. Contact First Place Windows anytime you want and get your window replacement done by Window Installation Specialists in San Antonio, TX.