Window Installation Company: The Perks Of Awning Windows | San Antonio, TX

Window Installation Company: The Perks Of Awning Windows | San Antonio, TX

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If you are in the midst of a window improvement project for your home in San Antonio, TX, then you may consider energy efficient and stylish windows, which also ensure the safety of your family.

Going through this process could be overtaxing and overwhelming, and after getting the required window, you’ll have to look for a licensed window installation company to help you with installation. But don’t stress yourself out! In this blog, we’ll make the process easier for you.

You’ll learn why awning windows are an excellent choice for your property by showing you how they will be easy on your wallet and save you high maintenance costs. But first things first, what is an awning window?

What Is an Awning Window?

Introduced in the 19th century, these windows became popular in the early 20th century. They were preferred because of their practical features that enhanced their functionality. An awning window is joined on top and opens by swaying away from the house, unlike sash windows that are opened by sliding up and down.

When shopping for new window designs, the first important thing is to ensure that the style complements your home and you can’t go wrong with these replacement windows. For instance, awning windows have become fashionable for homeowners seeking to replace their traditional casement windows.

Awning windows cater to the budget of everyone, thus you don’t have to worry about the costs that a window installation company will charge because they depend on various factors, including manufacturer, material, or size. Of course, you may not want awning windows throughout your entire home, but as you search for replacement windows, you can consider the benefits discussed in this blog post:

Customized Unique Look

If you are passionate about giving your home a striking look that makes it exceptional, then you can go for customized awning windows. They are available in various exterior colors that complement your home’s paint and siding.

Designed with customers’ interests at heart, awning windows come with frames in multiple colors, hence you can get the one that matches your home interior décor. Plus, exotic grille patterns are available to grace your taste, from Colonial, Farmhouse, and Prairie to Modified Prairie.

You also have the freedom of selecting other grille types such as divided light, interior wood grilles, and between-the-glass grilles. A trusted window installation company can also help you customize awning windows using your favorite screens and hardware finishes.

Besides their peculiar style, you can reap maximum benefits from these windows by incorporating them in specific parts of the house, hence allowing you to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

For instance, you can tell the installers from a window company to mount them in the kitchen to add extra ventilation when baking or cooking.

Also, you achieve a personalized look by having these windows fitted in the middle of your living room to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and natural light in your home. When the weather is warm, you only need to slightly open the window to enjoy the light breeze.

Lastly, awning windows can be ideal in your bedroom. If you enjoy spending time in your bedroom, then you can have a window installation company fix them in your bunk room. Without a doubt, your nights will become magical, especially during the summer light rains.

Good Ventilation

Besides allowing the sunshine in your home, awning windows offer better ventilation due to their unique size and placement. If you want to reduce your reliance on the central AC, you can search for windows that can offer good ventilation.

Unlike other windows, awning windows can be placed higher in the walls of your home, making them ideal for ventilation and offering natural light without compromising your privacy.

If you need more airflow in your bathroom or kitchen, then an awning window is a perfect choice. You can contact a window installation company to help you achieve better ventilation for your home.

Weathertight Construction

The weather in San Antonio, TX, can be damp in the course of the year; therefore, you can select awning windows because of their weathertight construction. With these windows, you won’t have to worry about moisture from outside, and you have the freedom of leaving the windows open even when it’s raining without your furniture getting wet.

Awning windows also shut off the air passing through, hence your home can be cozy in any weather as you’ll not face poor air circulation issues.

The Contemporary Look

Awning windows can breathe new life into your home hence explaining why they are still popular among homeowners. They combine both class and modern looks to make your home elegant.

If you want to upgrade or change the appearance of your house, you will not go wrong with awning windows, no matter the type of your house or layout.

For instance, the current awning windows come with friction hinges on the pane’s top-edge or side, hence the window can swing open, creating a beautiful look.

In addition, different styles and sizes are available for awning windows; thus, you’ve got a variety of options to select from. Therefore, you can schedule an appointment with a window installation company to help you choose and install the windows that will perfectly fit your house.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Windows have a significant impact on your home’s energy use; hence, the majority of homeowners select windows that can tightly seal off their house from external elements. Unlike most traditional windows, an awning window allows less air to escape and also offers excellent insulation.

With a U-factor of between 0.17 to 0.20, awning windows effectively prevent indoor heat from escaping during winter, while in scorching summer months, they keep the cold air in. This means that awning windows are of higher quality.

With these windows, you don’t have to bother using fans or ACs to cool your home all day long, thus keeping your electricity bills at an all-time low. Before contacting a window installation company, ensure to find out the glass energy rating.

Also, talk with the window installation company or dealer about various qualities of glass that they offer to help you make a sound purchase decision.

Ready To Add Awning Windows To Your Home?

First Place Windows is a window installation company in San Antonio, TX, that can help you enjoy beautiful awning windows in your home. If you want to talk more about the perks of awning windows, you can contact our window installers for in-home estimates. We can also help with siding, patio, and sunroom installation. Give our window installation company to discuss your next project today.