Vista Window Company Overview

Double Hung Windows by Vista

The double hung is considered by many to be the traditional American window. Its styling features two vertically-operating sashes, allowing for maximum ventilation.

The windows are classic in design, from the sleek sight-line interlock and the routed tilt latches, to the clean-looking, crisp balance covers. These “simple” elements prove that Vista is concerned about even the seemingly small details and that a window can be beautiful and energy-efficient.

By adding a full screen option, you can open both top and bottom sashes to create maximum air flow. In addition, both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home. You can also add our woodgrain laminate option to create the look of real wood without the maintenance.

Panorama Series Double Hung Windows Feature:

  • Multiple insulated glazing systems
  • Composite lock and keeper
  • 5° sloped sill
  • Heavy-duty extruded screen
  • Low-profile routed tilt latches
  • Interlocking meeting rails with triple-fin weatherstripping
  • Triple-fin weatherstripping on top and bottom sash
  • 100% VEKA virgin vinyl world-class compound formulation
  • Both sashes tilt in fully for easy cleaning
  • 3/4″ stainless steel constant force sash balance system
  • Double ventilation limit latches with snap-spring operation
  • Unique balance covers for clean, crisp aesthetics and easy cleaning