Window Replacement For All Your Window Needs | San Antonio, TX

Window Replacement For All Your Window Needs | San Antonio, TX

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A garden window is a type of three-dimensional window replacements that extends a short distance beyond a home’s exterior. It can help brighten your home in San Antonio, TX, and make a room feel spacious and inviting. Garden windows are frequently installed above kitchen sinks or countertops. The slight outward projection can give the home a distinctive appearance and improve curb appeal.

Mini Greenhouses

Sometimes garden windows are referred to as mini greenhouses or greenhouse windows. Their unique design lets homeowners grow plants year-round. The extra space provided by a garden window can be used for plants or even shelves. A window above the sink makes watering your plants fast and easy to remember.

A garden window replacement is an excellent choice for anyone that loves to cook. Grow your favorite herbs and vegetables in small pots or planters on the window sill to have fresh herbs available whenever you need them. Basil, mint, rosemary, dill and parsley are popular choices.

Cress is an edible plant that adds flavor and crunch to salads or sandwiches. Pea shoots, bean sprouts and baby beetroots are packed with nutrients and grow well in small pots. Add them to stir fry dishes or salads.

Chives, radishes and onions can be grown in small pots and add flavor to everything from baked potatoes to homemade dips and sauces. Agave is an attractive plant that can also be used as a sweetener. Garden windows with shelves make lovely showcases for hanging cherry tomatoes or berry plants.

Some people choose to grow plants intended to improve air quality, such as philodendrons, English ivy or spider plants. House plants add oxygen to the air and give your home a pleasant, refreshing atmosphere. Aloe is a popular indoor plant with many benefits, such as soothing burns or easing some digestive issues.

Many indoor plants are chosen simply for their beautiful colors. The bright hues of orchids, petunias, geraniums, cordyline or begonias are vibrant and cheerful. You could also choose colorful foliage found on coleus, beargrass, sweet potato vines, or sword ferns.

Convenient Storage

Garden window replacements offer extra storage space. This is especially helpful in small kitchens and offers a convenient space for frequently used items. A window with shelves installed is perfect for jars of ingredients, spices and condiments. It’s also a good place for cookbooks and coffee or tea containers.

A garden window replacement can also be used to display decorative accents or special items, such as pictures or treasured keepsakes. Colorful glass stones, suncatchers and chimes, or crystal figurines reflect sunlight for an eye-catching sparkling effect that adds character to a room.

Use decorative vases or teapots and pitchers with colorful designs for a unique touch. Curtains and doilies offer even more opportunities for decorating and accenting a beautiful window display.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing old, worn-out or damaged windows in San Antonio, TX, with new windows offers several benefits regardless of the chosen design. Older single-pane windows can be very drafty and force your home’s heating and cooling systems to work harder than necessary.

Garden window replacements, especially if they include insulated glass, let you heat or cool your home more efficiently with less wasted energy. Some windows may be installed with vents or sliding panels on both sides to take advantage of warm summer breezes and fresh air. An awning window with a crank may be an option as well.

Natural Lighting

Most garden windows have four panes of glass in a square shape. An angled top pane allows quick water runoff after rain and admits additional sunlight. The entire window is designed to let plenty of sunlight into the room. Sunlight isn’t just essential for plants, it also enhances natural lighting in your home and reduces need for other lighting during the day. A garden window replacement also offers a clear, unimpeded view of the outdoors.

There are three classifications for UV light known as UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C doesn’t pose a threat because it’s absorbed by the upper atmosphere. both UV-A and UV-B light are potentially dangerous and increase risk of skin cancer and other disorders. The International Ultraviolet Association states that standard window glass lets UV-A light and almost 100% of UV-B light pass right through it.

New windows reduce harmful UV light through several different methods. Solar window films are applied to a window’s interior panes. Films block UV-A light and reflect small amounts of heat. A solar film may be applied to new windows prior to installation, but films can also be applied to existing windows.

New windows may also have low-E glass, which can be combined with solar films and UV rejection tints. These options minimize sun damage to carpets and furniture in addition to reducing health risks. A garden window replacement manufactured with any of these safety features can allow more sunshine to enter your home while reducing the amount of UV light. However, It’s important to remember that low-E glass and other safety features can only minimize the amount of UV light getting through. They can’t block all UV rays.

Window Replacement Alternative

If a garden window replacement isn’t a good option, a projection window enhancement is a potential alternative. Projection enhancements can add up to 1-foot of additional space. Ask your local window installation professionals at First Place Windows about adding a projection to accommodate the existing window’s style.

Contact First Place Windows in San Antonio, TX if you’re considering window replacement. Garden windows are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Experienced professionals can answer questions and install new windows specifically chosen for your home. Professional installation is very important to make sure the new window is properly supported, opens and closes correctly, and complements your home’s interior and exterior appearance.