Window Installation Service: Why Bay Windows Are The Better Option For Your New Home | New Braunfels, TX

Window Installation Service: Why Bay Windows Are The Better Option For Your New Home | New Braunfels, TX

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It is not a secret that the appearance of a home matters most to homeowners. Windows are vital in increasing the beauty and value of a house, and one way to make your house in New Braunfels, TX, stunning is to get a window installation service technician to install bay windows.

The windows come in different architectural detail, making them the preferred choice for most residential property owners. Bay windows are a combination of three windows extending outwards beyond the straight wall of a room.

The middle window might be a picture or fixed window while the two side windows protrude at different angles depending on your taste and the skills of the hired window installation specialist. This article explains why having bay windows is a better option for homes in and around Texas.

More Natural Light

One of the reasons why bay windows are the best for your new home is the natural light it lets in. The angled design of the two side windows and one picture window in the middle practically invite the sun into the rooms in your house. The natural light comes from different directions, making bay windows better than most flat windows in the market.

A qualified window installation service technician can install the bay windows in a way that will make your home feel healthier, more comfortable, lighter, and brighter. Your family members will also be more productive and calmer because the sunlight regulates people’s circadian rhythm. So, if you are considering getting new home windows, you should hire the best window installation expert for professional help.

Good Ventilation

Bay windows are also the better option for most homeowners in New Braunfels, TX, because of the natural breeze they provide. The two side windows allow you and the people living with you to enjoy the nice breeze coming from multiple directions to your house.

The fresh air circulating your home minimizes the accumulation of different odors, including smells coming from the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. The windows also allow sufficient air in your home, which stops condensation, and reduces hot temperatures. If you get a licensed window installation service professional to install bay windows in your home correctly, you might also enjoy the health benefits that come with it.

Energy Efficient

People also prefer bay windows because of energy efficiency. According to the US Department of energy, windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of heat gain and loss in residential households. Bay windows come in either double or triple glazing that increases insulation, minimizing heat loss and gain from your house during hot and cold days.

The two and three-pane glass in bay windows has gaps filled with inert gases such as argon that prevents heat loss and gain. Having a skilled window installation service contractor to install the energy-efficient bay windows in your home makes it comfortable throughout the year without using more energy to provide conditioned air.

Different Styles

With diverse bay window types and configurations in the market, a window installation service contractor can help you get the best style that fits your taste. The different styles include Victorian, Tudor, modern, craftsman, and mid-century modern bay windows. The window style you select should fit the architectural style of their homes.

You can get a window installation professional to accurately custom make you a bay window that blends with your external and interior décor and home arrangement. The expert can add a few details to the windows, giving them the design that meets your preferences.


Another big reason people prefer bay windows is due to their extreme versatility. There are different bay windows such as canted, box, circle, and oriel bay windows. Most people fancy having the bay windows in their master bedroom and the living room for extra space and aesthetic appeal.

Homeowners can advise their trusted window installation service experts to install the type of bay windows that satisfies their preference and taste for installation. With correct measurements and services, the outcome will attract a great deal of attention from neighbors, friends, and visitors.

Home Value Addition

If you desire to sell your home soon for reasonable profits, you should consider having bay windows. A qualified window installation service contractor can accurately install the bay windows to increase the curb appeal of your home, which will also increase its value.

If you have customized bay windows in your home, they make it look modern and elegant, attracting potential buyers. For instance, having Victorian bay windows in your home gives it an iconic look that will add to its picturesque beauty and value.

The gorgeous windows will compel interested people to call your agent to schedule appointments for viewing your home. Residential property owners that want their houses out of the market fast to enjoy their returns on investment prefer bay windows for value addition and enhanced curb appeal.

Added Space

When your hired window installation service professionals replace a flat window with a bay window, it creates additional space in the room. Homeowners can decide to use the added space in different ways.

You might set up a cozy sofa next to the bay window for reading or add a small table or desk to create a perfect home office environment in your master bedroom.

You can also create storage space for clothes, books, and shoes in a hidden compartment beneath the bay windows. Whichever scenario appeals to you, having a window installation contractor install bay windows in your home will be a great space addition to you and your family.

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