Shopping For Replacement Home Windows? Avoid These Common Mistakes | San Antonio, TX

Shopping For Replacement Home Windows? Avoid These Common Mistakes | San Antonio, TX

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Replacing old windows is a simple and elegant way of boosting the value of your property in San Antonio, TX, regardless of its architectural style. New home windows not only bring a sense of class but also provide functional improvements.

Perhaps you need new windows because the current ones have been damaged or you are remodeling your house. You could also be shopping for new home windows because the present ones are not energy efficient and you’re spending more on cooling costs.

In such cases, you’ll have no option but to buy replacement windows. Since windows are a significant investment for your home, there should be no room for mistakes when shopping for replacement windows to avoid wasting money.

Most mistakes homeowners make when shopping for windows also result in various problems when the new windows are installed. No need to worry; we’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid when purchasing new windows in this blog post.

Not Hiring a Professional When Purchasing Windows

Windows cost a fortune, but still, some residents go ahead looking for shortcuts when installing windows. Don’t be tempted to save on costs by hiring a friend or a general contractor to mount your home windows. It’s always recommended to hire a certified, experienced, and skilled professional to avoid a disaster.

Some homeowners prefer to take the DIY route and may not complete the job correctly or adhere to the applicable industry standards. This voids the window manufacturer’s warranty, and you end up paying more to fix or replace the improperly installed home window.

Window professionals specialize in window installations and have industry tools to get the job done compared to amateurs. Although you may think that replacing a window is easier than fitting a brand one, it is complicated because the window professional has to address the underlying problems caused by the old windows.

Not Asking About Warranties

This is where some homeowners go wrong. Even though many window manufacturers offer warranties, this might not be enough on the warranty front. There are some window installation companies in San Antonio, TX, providing their own workmanship warranties. Therefore after purchasing your home window, it’s advisable to work with an installer offering a warranty to guarantee full protection.

Therefore, if a part of the replacement window fails to function or there was an error in installing it, you can rest easy knowing that your window will be promptly fixed since both the installer and manufacturer warranty covers the problem.

Ignoring Security and Maintenance

When purchasing replacement home windows, don’t be carried away by aesthetics; remember, the windows you choose can offer you security. With property crime in San Antonio, TX, estimated to be at 72.4. compared to the United States average of 35.4; therefore, safety should be paramount when shopping for new windows.

Most folks invest in solid doors and lock to keep their home secure but forget to pay much attention when buying replacement windows.

The windows you choose should act as a barrier against intruders. Therefore, besides choosing new windows that offer spectacular views, you should ensure they are designed to keep you and your family safe.

In addition, periodic maintenance of your home windows is critical after purchasing and installing windows. This helps in prolonging their life span while increasing the windows’ resale value. Suppose you are not sure about the type of durable windows to choose. In that case, you can contact a reputable window installer to help you select windows designed with durable materials to guarantee your safety in San Antonio.

Sticking with the Same Type of Window You’ve Been Using

With the advancement in technology, more windows designs and types are being introduced daily. You may be tempted to replace your old windows with the same style since it is the one that you are familiar with. However, it won’t harm to look at other options available for design and functionality reasons.

Due diligence will help you make a sound decision when selecting home windows that will fit your openings as well as match your home’s style and personal taste. This may not be easy as it sounds; therefore, you can request a consultation with a window installation company.

A Local Versus a National Company

After being satisfied that the window you have selected is perfect for your needs, it is essential to check whether you are buying from a local or national company.

While this may seem petty, many don’t realize that most national companies focus more on sales and marketing, thus spending a lot in overhead instead of developing excellent products.

Choosing A Window Based Solely On Price

Before the cost of new home windows makes you consider going for low-quality types, always remember that replacing windows is a purchase you make once or twice in your lifetime.

Although you must stay within your budget, always remember you only get what you pay for. Therefore ensure to find out why some windows are costing more than others. To avoid making this mistake, take time to consider the long-term benefits against the short-term investment. If you are unsure, always go for long-term value instead of the price tag.

Choosing a Company with Bad Reviews

In this era of social media, it’s still surprising that some homeowners still make such mistakes. Besides the price, ensure that the company you choose has excellent reviews because it means it pays attention to clients’ feedback.

It’s advisable to always go for highly rated companies for better results. To see if the company has positive ratings, you can check websites like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or Home Advisor.

Top-Tier Home Windows with First Place Windows

If you are looking to purchase replacement windows, do not hesitate to utilize the services of window professionals at First Place Windows. Our experts will go over all window style options with you to ensure you make the right decision in your new investment.

Besides home windows, we can help with doors, siding, and patio cover services. The perfect home window will create the perfect look for your ideal home. Ready to begin the conversation? Give us a call today.