How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last – San Antonio, TX Window Life Expectancy

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last – San Antonio, TX Window Life Expectancy

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last: What You Can Expect From Quality Windows in San Antonio, TX

Windows are a big expense and you want to get the most out of your investment that you can. But how long do vinyl windows last? It varies with the quality. Find out here what you can expect from quality windows in San Antonio, TX.

how long do vinyl windows last

How long do vinyl windows last?

If you’re planning to install new windows, that will be one of the top questions on your list.

With the average window replacement cost being $500 per window in the U.S., you want to be sure you don’t have to turn around and replace your windows in a few short years.

You want to have a product that will last a long time.

Keep reading to learn how long you can expect vinyl windows to last and how they compare to other types of windows.

Vinyl Windows

The best vinyl windows can last between 20-40 years. The length of time depends on the placement of the windows.

If they’re in a place that gets exposed to the hot sun every day, they won’t last as long as windows that aren’t installed in hot climates.

Another factor is moisture. In humid or rainy climates, moisture can cause water damage to the windows.

That being said, you can extend the life of vinyl windows by regularly maintaining them and coating them with a protective sealant.

It also depends on other factors, such as the manufacturer and R-rating of the windows. You’ll have to make sure that you choose wisely.

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Wood Windows

How does vinyl compare to wood windows? It’s not even close.

Wood windows offer homeowners elegance and beauty, but not longevity. The average 10-20 years.

That’s with expensive windows by a reputable manufacturer. With inexpensive wood windows, you might be lucky to get 7 years out of them.

In the San Antonio heat, you can expect them to last on the lower side of the average if they’re well-made windows.

That’s because the wood will warp in the hot climate here. Plus, they have a greater chance to rot because of the humid conditions.

Even if your windows last 10-20 years, there are considerable costs to maintain them.

Every few years, they have to be restained and you’ll notice that the paint will peel in the heat.

Quality Vinyl WindowsAluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are a step up from wood windows. You could expect them to last about 20 years.

They won’t rot or warp, but you will have other issues to contend with.

Aluminum windows are light but prone to damage. They can easily get dings in them. With 2-inch hail the area saw earlier this year, aluminum windows would take a beating.

With that kind of damage, you’d have to hire a professional to get the dings out of the windows.

The cost of doing that after every hailstorm can easily add up.

Aluminum windows can rust if they’re not properly maintained, too.

Vinyl Windows Life Expectancy in San Antonio Homes 

How long do vinyl windows last in most homes located in San Antonio, TX? It’s safe to say that vinyl windows will outlast every other type of window under consideration.

With vinyl windows, you’ll have new windows that are attractive and efficient. Plus, they’ll last a long time.

They won’t fade, rot, or warp under intense weather conditions, which makes them a great choice for your home.

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