Common Types Of Energy Efficient Windows Ideal For Your Residence | San Antonio, TX

Common Types Of Energy Efficient Windows Ideal For Your Residence | San Antonio, TX

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Harsh economic times that have prevailed in recent years have prompted homeowners in San Antonio, TX, and beyond to contemplate fitting their homes with energy efficient windows. Gone are the days when they would prioritize new paints, window treatments, and blinders as they shop for home replacement windows.

The US Department of Energy emphasizes the need for residential property owners to invest in energy efficient windows since heat gain or loss via home windows can account for 25 to 30 percent of all heating and cooling energy use. These windows can help reduce this heat loss or gain.

Energy efficiency aside, energy-efficient home windows can offer a higher level of privacy and security as they’re made of thicker and less transparent glazing than traditional window models. They can also help enhance the curb appeal of your residential property as well as improve access to natural heat and light from the sun.

In light of these undeniable benefits of energy-efficient windows, if you would like to replace your traditional home windows, below are some of the common types of energy-efficient models your window service provider can help select and install.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung energy efficient windows are notably popular in American homes. They typically feature two sizable sashes that can move upward or downward along a vertical track. Sashes are the frame units that surround the glazing panels to hold them in place. Traditional double-hung window models have weights concealed inside wall pockets behind the window’s case moldings.

These weights are responsible for counterbalancing the two sashes. In newer double-hung energy efficient windows, the counterbalancing is facilitated by springs found inside the aforementioned vertical tracks.

Window service professionals recommend the use of double-hung products in residences constructed with a classic traditional style. However, your technician can also install them if you live in a traditional-modern home. In that context, installing double-hung energy efficient windows can be a great idea in houses built with the classic bungalow, rambler, or farmhouse styles.

Some of the proclaimed advantages of double-hung windows include ease of opening and closing as well as wide availability. Additionally, due to their tracks being vertical, it’s very difficult for the sashes to fill up with dirt or dust, hence fewer maintenance requirements.

Casement Windows

Casement windows typically open horizontally, with the help of hinges fitted on one side of the sash at the top and bottom. The side with hinges remains stationary as the other cranks open like a door. They’re second in popularity after double-hung windows, which means they may be a great idea if you’re considering installing these windows in your home.

Casement energy efficient home windows have a slightly more modern design than double-hung models. As a result, they can help attract and direct cool breezes into your residence when installed correctly.

One of the major benefits of these types of windows is that they’re more effective than double-hung windows in preventing air drafts. This is because their seals are generally tighter than in other window products, a factor that can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

They can also come in handy for homeowners that would like to allow as much outside air as possible into their indoor spaces. Additionally, casement energy efficient windows can improve your home’s security since their openings are fairly narrow when they’re open.

Awning Windows

If you’re looking to fit new windows in your residence, you can ask your window installation service provider to fit awning-style window models. Although they operate similarly to the above-described casement windows, they use mechanical cranks for opening and closing. Additionally, awning windows open from the bottom, whereby the edge of the top sash remains fixed on two hinges while the bottom section pivots outward and upward when the window is cranked.

Awning windows are particularly ideal for low-level windows since they provide ample protection against potential intruders. They can also come in handy during rainy seasons since you can open them comfortably without the fear of rainwater reaching indoors.

Smaller awning window models can be used in the basement. However, your window installation service contractor may warn you that these windows may not be as effective as casement windows in allowing fresh air from outside to enter your home. Additionally, the mechanical cranks used in these types of windows have fairly high wear and tear rates, leaving them susceptible to damage during adverse weather conditions.

Slider Windows

Your professional window installation service contractor can install your home’s nes windows as slider windows. Mechanically, slider windows have the simplest design. They typically comprise side-by-side sashes that glide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks.

In some slider window models, both sashes may be movable while in others one may remain stationary as the other one slides side to side. They’re notably popular in mid-century modern home designs and can be a great option if you constantly need to open or close your home windows.

Asking your window service contractor to install energy efficient windows in your residence using this style can be quite beneficial in the long run. For starters, since they have no mechanical cranks, slider windows can serve your household for a long time. Also, their simplicity in design makes them relatively cheaper to purchase and install than other window models.

Fixed Windows

Homeowners around San Antonio, TX, in need of replacement energy efficient windows can also consider using fixed windows. As the name suggests, a fixed window features a glass pane surrounded by an immobile window frame. Fixed windows occur in various shapes and styles, but the most popular is the classic picture window. They often provide a view and natural light in homes that inherently have lower ventilation needs.

Since they’re permanently sealed, fixed windows can improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Additionally, its simple design facilitates easy installation even in modern-style homes. This basic outlook also makes them relatively more affordable than other window models previously discussed.

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