Cheap Vinyl Windows San Antonio

Cheap Vinyl Windows San Antonio

Cheap Vinyl Windows in San Antonio, TX: Why Cheapest is Not Always the Best (Or the Cheapest)

Low Cost, High Quality Window Replacement

cheap vinyl windows in San Antonio

There are excellent quality vinyl windows in San Antonnio and there are cheap vinyl windows. These cheap ones are often the type that give vinyl windows a bad rap. Learn here why buying cheap vinyl windows isn’t always the best, or the cheapest, solution in the long run.

Want to buy cheap vinyl windows?

Here’s why you should consider updating your windows.

  1. Increase Insulation

Did you know the national average for replacing a window is around $500? Installing cheap windows costs about $300. More expensive windows go up to $700 (and beyond).

The average cost of vinyl windows:

  • $2.45 per square foot (basic)
  • $3.38 per square foot (better)
  • $4.67 per square foot (best)

What most homeowners don’t realize is specific windows are inexpensive for a reason.

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In some industries, such as tech and car manufacturing, prices rise and fall willy-nilly. There’s little rhyme or reason to it. You pay as much for the brand name as for the product.

Things in the construction industry are different. Prices are based on the manufacturer’s cost and the value of the materials. Price gouging is rare.

So if you’re buying new windows based on price alone, be wary. You’ll get what you pay for. Read on to discover what we mean.

Safety and Durability

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the American National Stands Institute, Inc.(ANSI) both rate windows for quality and durability. They set strict standards so that you can trust windows certified by them.

You have no guarantee when you purchase a non-certified window. Low-quality windows aren’t certified. They may or may not be safe or stand up to wear and tear. Protect your home, and get quality window replacement from a San Antonio Window Replacement professional.


Ultraviolet light causes vinyl windows to discolor. If you live in a sunny area, the discoloration happens quickly. The white polyvinyl chloride (PVC) around the window becomes yellow or tan with continued exposure.

High-quality windows contain tin compounds or titanium dioxide to brighten the PVC. These compounds also act like sunscreen for your windows, reflecting the harmful rays.

Check your labels closely. If you don’t see them there, ask the window’s manufacturers. Some manufacturers use a second-rate method called “tinting” to preserve color. You can tell by the pale-blue tinting of the vinyl.


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Temperature Resistance

How well does your window stand up to your summer heat? Quality windows use vinyl which can withstand temperatures upwards of 160 degrees. Low-quality windows are a different story.

The polyvinyl on low-quality windows will soften at 140 degrees. This can lead to sagging and cracking of the frame, seals, and shudders.

Resale Value

Appraisers know more than you may think. They can tell granite from marble. They can discern the number of usable square feet in your closet. They know a hardwood door from a composite.

And they can certainly tell a cheap replacement window from an expensive one. If you’re looking to flip a house, or you just want to sell your home in the future, keep this in mind. When you skimp on quality, it’ll cost you in the end.

We’re Finished With Cheap Vinyl Windows

If your heart is set on vinyl windows, by all means, get them. They’re less costly. They require less maintenance. And they’re more durable than their counterparts.

Just be sure to do your research, especially with cheap vinyl windows. Otherwise, you may end up with a product that discolors, sags, and cracks.

If you found this article helpful, take five minutes to check out our wide variety of other articles on windows. Do it now while it’s still fresh in your mind.

So long and good luck!

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