Best Replacement Windows 2019

Best Replacement Windows 2019

Which Brand of Window Are The Best in San Antonio?

Discover which brand of window are the best in San Antonio with our guide. You’ll learn the best replacement windows, their prices, and desirable features.

When you buy a home your last concern is the windows. But, if you’ve moved in and realized they aren’t up to snuff how do you know which replacements to buy? Here we will go over the best window brands for San Antonio homes.

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The Best Window Brands In San Antonio

Before jumping into the best window brands we need to learn more about San Antonio. What challenges will your windows need to face? Which upgrades are worth it and which should you skip?

Window Challenges San Antonian’s Face

When purchasing replacement windows you want to know what they’re up against. Besides an errant cascarone smash, what weather will these windows be facing? What are the most common natural disasters?

The Weather in San Antonio

While most of the year is temperate, you and your home will be subject to extreme heat in the summertime.

To avoid your cooling costs from going through the roof you need extra insulation. What does this mean for windows?

Common Weather Events in San Antonio

The San Antonio area leads the state in disastrous weather events. San Antonio is subject to flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires like California. But, being so close to the Gulf Coast, it’s also vulnerable to hurricanes and thunderstorms.

You’ll want windows that have a high safety rating and can withstand high-speed winds. It’s a good idea to look for impact rated or impact rated double pane windows. These are best at withstanding high winds.

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According to, “…extreme precipitation events are likely to increase in both intensity and frequency in the coming years….concerns are especially piqued for Texans living in flash flood alley, which was just last year devastated in floods that stretched from Dallas to Houston and San Antonio…”

With the weather events only getting worse, the time is now for the best windows you can find.

Energy Star Certified LogoVerify The Windows Are Energy Star Certified

You should look for windows that are energy-efficiency rated. Every window you consider be Energy Star Efficiency certified. Every certified window will also have an efficiency label adhered to it. This label lists the National Fenestration Rating Council or NFRC rating.

This label includes four different rating components. U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, and Air Leakage.

The U-Factor is how well the window keeps heat inside the house. This range will be anywhere from 0.20–1.20. The lower the number the better.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is how well the window keeps the heat from getting inside your home. This rating is one of the most important for San Antonian’s in those hot summer months. You will see a number in the range of 0-1 and again, the lower the better.

Visible Transmittance measures how well the window lets natural light into your space. It will be a range from 0-1 and the higher the number the better it performs. A higher transmittance allows you to use less artificial lights during the day.

Last but not least is Air Leakage. This measures how much air enters from outside through a product. It’s listed in a range between 0.1-0.3. The lower the rating the more efficient your A/C will be since it won’t be battling extra hot air from outside. 

Simonton StormBreaker Plus WindowsSimonton StormBreaker Plus Windows

Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are one of the best for the San Antonio area.

According to Simonton, they meet the AAMA standards for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. They’ve gotten certified by Texas Department of Insurance evaluation for the Texas Coast.

Their impact resistant KeepSafe glass protects your home in a wind event. The same interlayer that keeps these windows intact also offers a 50% sound reduction. This reduction is over standard single pane windows.

These windows filter UV light as well. This will keep your valuables, carpets, and furniture as vibrant as the day you bought them for years on end.

Great Lakes Replacement Windows

GL-Window-ecoSmart-InteriorWhen looking at the best San Antonio window brands you must include Great Lakes Windows. These rated windows withstand anything the San Antonio weather throws at them.

Another advantage of Great Lakes is their innovative framing options. They have options for double hung and sliding windows. Their ecoSmart line received Energy Star’s highest efficiency rating in 2018.

Their HarborLight line features an innovative locking system. It prevents the breakdown of your weather stripping. This will keep your windows air and watertight longer than other windows.

Don Young Co. Windows

Another amazing option in San Antonio replacement windows is Don Young Co. Windows. Don Young has been manufacturing custom built, made-to-order windows since 1978.

The Don Young Co. PolyPour Aluminum Thermal-Break Windows offer many benefits. One is a higher condensation resistance and more insulating power than other windows. They do this through a unique thermal break featuring high-density catalyzed polyurethane.

This proprietary process earns them higher energy efficiency ratings than other windows. If you are doing a new build or searching for replacement windows in San Antonio, you can’t go wrong with Don Young Co.

Which Window Is Best For Your San Antonio Home?

The different window brands all have their own list of pros and cons. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what features are most important for your home.

While safety is high on the list for everyone what is your secondary factor? Are you looking to save money on the power bill? Protect your belongings from sun damage? Or is stylish design is high on your list of priorities?

Your answers to these questions are going to help guide your search. The great news is you don’t have to make all these decisions by yourself!

For almost ten years, First Place Windows has been replacing windows in San Antonio. They have used tons of different brands and styles. They have the knowledge base to tell you the best window brands for your home and lifestyle. Better yet, they have relationships with the top window manufacturers. First Place Windows can be your one-stop shop to replace all the windows in your home.

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