Best Replacement Windows San Marcos, TX

Best Replacement Windows San Marcos, TX

Buy the Best Replacement Windows in San Marcos, TX: The Buying Guide Every Homeowner Needs

If the windows in your San Marcos, TX home are old, it’s a good idea to replace them. But what are the best replacement windows? Here’s the buying guide every homeowner needs.

Best Replacement Window

Last year homeowners spent an estimated $383.3 billion on home improvement projects. Most homeowners look to make improvements that will pay off in the long run. Conventional improvements like magazine-worthy kitchens and impressive patios may come to mind.

Those types of improvement projects are popular for a reason. They often increase homes’ values and can help homeowners get more money when it’s time to sell. But if you want to make an investment that will benefit you sooner, replacement windows may be a better option.

Along with improving your home’s looks, new windows can help lower your energy bills. To reap all the benefits that new windows can offer, you have to choose the right windows. Read on for our guide on choosing the best replacement windows for your needs.

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Learn About the Different Types of Replacement Windows

Depending on the unique build and style of your home, you’ll need a specific type of window. You may even find that your home needs different windows in different spaces. Become familiar with the options available to help make your decisions easier.

Some of the most common window types include:

  • Double hung windows
  • Single hung windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Tilt-out windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture windows

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Explore Different Materials When Shopping for the Best Replacement Windows in San Marcos, Texas

Most of the window types we mention above are available in a variety of materials. As with window type, each material offers different benefits. This is another set of options you’ll want to explore before you select and buy your new windows.

Vinyl has recently become the most popular window material. Vinyl windows offer durability and energy efficiency at an affordable price. This material is a good option if you don’t want to worry about your windows warping or rotting over time.

Wood windows are also popular, but for some reasons that set them apart from vinyl windows. Many homeowners prefer the look of wood windows, and they can paint or stain the frames to suit their style. Wood windows are also energy efficient but are not the most durable option.

Fiberglass is window material that isn’t as common as vinyl or wood. Like vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass windows are especially durable. Fiberglass windows can feature wood interior and exterior finishes for enhanced aesthetics, too.

Aluminum windows are the least common option. Aluminum isn’t very energy efficient, but it is the most durable material. If you want large, uninterrupted views, aluminum windows with thin frames may be a good option.

Be sure to focus on your specific needs when choosing your replacement windows. If you’re willing to spend more money on both durability and aesthetics, go for the fiberglass. If you want to save money but still invest in quality, vinyl may be a better option.

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Become Familiar with the Energy Efficient Features Available with New Windows

As we mentioned earlier, replacement windows may offer a quick return on investment. That is if you’re careful to invest in windows designed to conserve energy. With the right windows, your energy bills can lessen soon after installation.

Today there are several energy efficient features available for new windows. From the glass to the caulking, every aspect of a window can contribute to energy efficiency. Knowing the right things to look for can help you choose the best energy-saving windows for you.

Low-emissive glass, or low-E glass, is a great energy-saving material. Low-E glass has an invisible oxide coating that helps reflect heat. This helps maintain indoor temperatures without keeping out the natural light.

Along with low-E glass, argon gas is also an energy efficient window feature. When placed between window panes, argon gas can help prevent heat exchange. This helps keep heat inside during the winter and prevents it from coming in during the summer.

Having proper caulking around your windows can also affect their energy efficiency. Like argon gas, caulking prevents heat exchange through your windows. Be sure to maintain the caulking around your new windows for the best energy efficiency.

Like caulking, weather stripping helps keep air from escaping and entering your home. Caulking is for the frame of your windows, and weather stripping is for operable parts, like the sash. Weather stripping can be sponge, vinyl, felt, foam, or a combination of these materials.

For the best energy savings, choose windows with more than one of these features. You may even mix and match features depending on the layout of your home. For example, if the front of your house gets the most sun, place the most energy efficient windows there.

Get the Best by Partnering with the Best

Learning all you can about replacement windows is smart. But it’s even smarter to partner with a reputable company when it’s time to buy and install your windows. Find a window company who can offer you the best window brands and the best professional service.

You want to trust your window company to help you select the best replacement windows for your needs. An experienced window professional can offer you sound advice and dependable service. If you’re looking for a company like this in the San Marcos, TX area, First Place Windows is your best bet.

Contact us to start planning your replacement window project. You can also browse our blog for more guidance and tips on windows and other home improvements. We’re proud to offer great window brands and professional, dependable service.

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