Add a Sunroom to Your San Antonio Home

Adding a Sunroom to Your San Antonio Home? Here Are 8 Sunroom Designs for Inspiration!

You want your sunroom project to be perfect for your San Antonio home. If you’re gathering ideas for inspiration, here are 8 sunroom ideas you’ll want to put in your mood board.

Do you love watching the seasons change? There’s something mesmerizing about watching lightning bugs fly in the summer, leaves changing in the fall, snow falling in the winter, and flowers blooming in the spring.

If you constantly want to be around mother nature, you may have spent countless hours working on your landscaping and patio. But once the weather gets cold, that outdoor patio won’t get used much.

Adding a sun-room is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature no matter what the weather is like, while also adding value to your home. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking a sun-room has to be boring. There are tons of sunroom designs that will entice you to stay all day.

Do you want to know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover our top 8 sunroom designs for inspiration.

  1. Install a Skylight

It’s no secret that the key to a good sunroom lies in the windows. You’ll want to install tons of large and unique windows to let as much natural light in as possible. But don’t forget about the roof.

Installing a skylight is one of the best sunroom ideas. Not only will it bring in even more natural light, but it’ll add interest to the room and give you a chance to stargaze from the comfort of your home. Talk about a win-win!

  1. Decorate with Plants

Just like any other room in the home, a sunroom needs a lot of attention when it comes to decorations. You’ll want to find the right balance, so the room looks cozy without seeming cluttered.

Plants make excellent sunroom decor. They create a nice connection between the backyard and sunroom and it’ll make you feel like you’re outside. Plus, with all that natural light, it’ll be easier than ever to care for your plants.

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  1. Add a Hanging Chair

Take a second to think about why you want a sunroom. What do you plan on doing in there? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably say that you want to read or chat with friends.

Hanging chairs make great sunroom furniture ideas. They’re comfortable enough so you can sit for hours as you soak up that vitamin D, and they’ll create a laid-back atmosphere. Your sunroom will be the new hangout spot in no time.

  1. Hang Curtains

“Curtains…in the sunroom? But that defeats the whole purpose!” Of course, you’ll want the sun to shine into your sunroom, but sometimes it’s a little much.

During the hottest parts of summer days, you may want a little shade to help cool your sunroom down. You may also notice the sun shines a little too brightly during certain parts of the day making you retreat inside for a few hours. All this can be avoided with a few curtains.

Opt for lightweight and light-colored curtains. They’ll make the room and the windows appear larger but still offer a chance to dull the sun when it gets too strong.

  1. Sunroom InstallationStick with a Theme

When thinking of small sunroom ideas, you may be tempted to buy some nice furniture and call it a day. But the best sunrooms follow a theme to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world.

If you want to feel like you’re having tea in a vintage garden, decorate with lush plants and roses. Then create DIY distressed furniture and hang a chandelier for that elegant final touch.

To feel like you’re relaxing in a beach house, opt for blue and white striped furniture. Add a few nautical elements, like a bowl of seashells on the table or a life preserver on the wall. You’ll create the perfect place to escape to, so you can relax in paradise after a long day.

  1. Install Glass Doors

With the numerous windows in sunrooms, many people want to improve their landscaping, so they get the best view. Your backyard will end up looking like an extension of your sunroom. Installing glass doors is the best way to allow your sunroom and backyard to flow together like they were one.

  1. Add a Pop of Color

Since you’ll be spending so much time in your sunroom, choosing the right furniture is vital. You’ll want something comfortable and durable, so it’ll last for years.

Many people opt for furniture made from natural elements, like wood or wicker. When you have a lot of browns and neutrals in your sunroom, a nice pop of color will help to liven it up. The best sunroom furniture ideas incorporate fun colors in their cushions or throw pillows.

If you want to stay neutral with your furniture, consider adding brightly-colored flowers, a patterned rug, or lively sunroom decor instead. This gives you the perfect amount of color to add interest without changing the entire feel of the room.

  1. Give It a Purpose

Are you afraid that you’ll lose interest in your sunroom? Sure, it sounds great – a place to go to unwind. But, before you know it, you’ll just go back to lounging in the living room.

One way to avoid this is to think of sunroom ideas that give it a solid purpose. You could install a pool, create a home gym, or build a yoga studio in your sunroom so you use it to exercise. If you’re more of a creative person, consider using it as an art studio or a music room.

There some things to consider when buying windows for a sunroom with a purpose. You may want windows that add to the atmosphere, so you don’t need to rely on sunroom decor. You may also want windows that open to allow a fresh breeze to cool you off while exercising.

The Best Sunroom Designs in San Antonio, TX

If you love being around nature, you may get bummed when winter rolls around. But, cold weather doesn’t have to send you running inside. Just use our top sunroom designs as inspiration, so you can marvel at the beauty of nature during every season.

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