9 Types Of Window Styles You Should Consider When Working With A Window Installation Company To Replace Your Windows | San Antonio, TX

9 Types Of Window Styles You Should Consider When Working With A Window Installation Company To Replace Your Windows | San Antonio, TX

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A great way to diversify the aesthetic around your home is to change the window styles. Depending on what you would like to achieve, a window installation company can help you make an informed decision. Replacing your windows gives you a grand opportunity to completely change not just the frames and panes but also the entire look of your windows.

At First Place Windows, San Antonio, TX, we offer you the opportunity to schedule an in-home consultation with our window experts today. In this piece, we discuss a range of window styles that you should consider when considering a new window replacement.

Single-Hung Windows

This is a basic sash type of window that is easy to operate. It has two sashes, but only the lower sash opens and shuts vertically while the upper one remains static. This characteristic remains to be the major difference between single-hung and double-hung windows. Depending on the model you choose with your window installation company, you will realize that some are designed to pivot, which makes them easy to clean.

Double-Hung Windows

Despite being the most traditional style in the market, double-hung windows still radiate first-class appeal. They are also known as “sash windows.” They are similar to single-hung windows, except they have two sashes, the upper and the lower, both of which are operable. You can either raise the upper sash or drop the lower sash, which is advantageous because:

  • It is perfect for air ventilation which makes them energy efficient.
  • Their dual tilting sashes make them easier to clean, especially in upper stories.
  • You could choose to let in air through the upper sash when kids are around as a safety precaution and still get enough air circulation.

Double-hung windows are best suited for walls, hallways, decks, and patios. We are the window company that provides you with the best installation services in San Antonio, TX.

Awning and Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows are both hinged window styles with an easy-turn fold-down handle, also known as a hand crank. Casement windows are suited for greater height than width, while awning windows ideally feature where width is greater than the height. Casement windows swing outward while awning windows swing upward from down.

They are versatile in design, and seeking the advice of a window installation company over which one to adopt in your space would be the best option. They are both weather fabricated window styles found in windy or rainy climate homes. They are flexible ventilators with a non obstructed view. They open up a space to flood natural light and are thus energy-efficient window styles.

Bow And Bay Windows

Bay and bow windows are typically three or more fixed or casement windows angled in one frame to create an exterior wall protruding that naturally becomes the focal point of a room. Bow windows are more curved as compared to the flat bay window.

Since they open the room up to more light inlets and extend outside, they visually and physically add space to your room. Being a humongous-sized window, you need a trusted window installation company with skilled personnel to install it faultlessly.

Garden Windows

These windows bend towards the bay and bow window designs except for their customized shelves and operable windows within. On top of allowing light in, garden windows also add sufficient space to your home. These windows are best suited for kitchens and bathrooms.

The most amazing thing about this type of window is that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Your window installation company can customize this type of window for you. Their customizable design would allow you to create your own indoor green-house with an all-year unlimited supply of herbs, flowers, and other plants.

Sliding Windows

With various sizes, sliding windows, as the name suggests, work on the principle of one pane sliding horizontally on the other. Basically, they move from side to side. They are best placed in spaces with limited space but are however not limited to these. That is because of their visual appeal. With the right frame design, your window could upgrade from a boring-looking one to a classy side slide.

Sliding windows are easy to use, easy to clean, well ventilated, and have limited obstruction. They offer a spectacular exterior view without intruding into the outside. Your window installation company should have no problem installing this type of window.

Storm Windows

For cold weather and storms, your installation company consultant would tell you about the efficiency of this type of window in blocking out drafts and heat loss. Storm windows are installed in the same window frame as your existing windows on the exterior as a layer of insulation. They are more protective than they are aesthetic. They are economical and increase the energy efficiency of your current home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are excellent for exterior view projections without compromising safety. They add personality and allure and work best for areas with limited access in the home. An experienced window installation company should suggest a view that is an aesthetic choice of style.

Picture windows are a beautiful way of combining expansive views and generous light, making them energy and cost-efficient. Whether your view is a cityscape, mountain range, farm, or backyard, picture window views are a perfect way to enjoy wide, unobstructed views.

Architectural Or Custom Shapes

Going around the house with your window installation company installer, you might identify dull and dark places, usually hard to reach yet in dire need of lighting. These are the perfect spots for architectural and custom-shaped windows.

They are neither limited in size or shape but rather flourish on the designer’s creativity and need of the space. They are not only functional, but their odd, unexpected placements can make them extremely eye-catchy. Their custom approach gives them a complementary look for the other windows in your home.

If you are looking for a window installation company or an expert to consult on matters of window replacement, First Place Windows is your ideal choice. With over a decade of experience serving San Antonio, TX, residents, you can be sure that our services are bespoke. Contact us today for more information about our services.