9 Reasons To Consider A Window Replacement | New Braunfels, TX

9 Reasons To Consider A Window Replacement | New Braunfels, TX

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If you live in an older house, chances are the windows in your New Braunfels, TX home are old as well. If your windows are 10+ years old, they are likely subpar. Your windows serve many purposes. They allow you to get clear views out the windows and allow natural light to shine into the home. Your windows also protect your home and family from the cold and the elements, and you can open them to allow fresh air to come into your home.

If you have old windows and aren’t sure if a window replacement would be worth the investment, you should know how your home and family can benefit from new windows.

#1 Clean, Clear Views

Old windows often have tiny scratches on the panes. This is normal due to normal wear and tear over the years. Also, your window panes can develop a yellowish tint, which can affect your views out the windows.

A window replacement will give you a clean, clear view out of the window. In addition, the panes will be clear and free of scratches; therefore, a new window is well worth the investment.

#2 Easy To Open and Close

After years of being opened and closed, the tracks on old windows can become worn and damaged. This can make it difficult to open and close the windows. Also, most old window frames are made of wood. Over time, the wood can swell due to the humidity, making them difficult to open and close.

New windows are easy to open and close and don’t have wooden frames. A window replacement will make opening and closing your windows easy.

#3 Save On Your Energy Bills

Old windows were designed with poor insulation and just one window pane. This can cause cold drafts, which will make your heating system work overtime to keep your home warm. When your heating system needs to work harder, your energy bills will increase.

New windows were designed with excellent insulation and multiple panes. If you need new windows in your home, you can keep your energy bills down. After a few years, your windows will pay for themselves in the money you save on your energy bills.

#4 Keep Your Home More Comfortable

When your old windows allow drafts to come into your home, you won’t want to sit next to the window. Because new windows prevent drafts, a window replacement will allow you to sit wherever you want, and you will still be comfortable.

#5 Low Maintenance

Old window frames are often made of wood and require regular maintenance. Over time, the paint on the windows can chip and would need to be sanded down and repainted. This job can be very time-consuming.

New windows are made of PVC and other materials that don’t need to be painted. New windows will save you the time and energy necessary to keep your windows looking great. The most you will have to do is wipe down the inner frames with warm water if they get dirty. If the outer panes get dirty, all you need to do is hose down the windows to remove any dirt or debris.

#6 Easy To Clean

If you get clear views out of your windows, you need to clean the panes regularly. If you have old windows, it is easy to clean the inner panes because you can do it from inside your New Braunfels, TX home. However, cleaning the outer panes can be more difficult. To reach the top of the windows, you will need to climb a ladder. If you have a second floor in your home, it can be even more dangerous. If you make one misstep on the ladder, it can result in a dangerous fall.

New windows are easy to clean. After cleaning the indoor panes, you can fold the window in to clean the outdoor panes. A window replacement will allow you to keep your window panes clean without risking being injured.

#7 Added Security

Your main goal is to keep your home and family safe, and old windows often cannot do this. The locks on older windows weren’t designed to be very secure. If the locks still work, they can often still be opened. Most home break-ins occur through the window, and if your window locks aren’t secure, your home won’t be secure either.

New windows are designed with secure locks, which will make it difficult for an intruder to bypass them. Also, new windows are designed with multiple panes, making it difficult for an intruder to break them. A window replacement will keep your home and family safe.

#8 UV Protection

Old windows weren’t designed with UV protection. As a result, when the sun shines into the home, the drapes, carpeting, and furniture the sun hits can become faded over time.

New windows are designed with a UV coating on the window panes. A window replacement will keep your home furnishings from fading.

#9 Increase the Value Of Your Home

A window replacement will increase the value of your home by up to $9,000. So if you choose to sell your New Braunfels, TX home, you can increase the asking price. Also, adding that you installed new windows to the listing will bring in more interested buyers. Many homebuyers look for turn-key homes that don’t require any work, and new windows are an excellent selling point.

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