8 Reasons Why New Home Windows Are An Excellent Investment | San Antonio, TX

8 Reasons Why New Home Windows Are An Excellent Investment | San Antonio, TX

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The windows in your San Antonio, TX home are one of the most essential parts of your home. Your windows allow you to have clear views outside and allow natural light to come into the house. Your windows are also open to allow fresh air into the home and close to protect your home from the elements. Because your home windows serve so many purposes, they should be in good condition.

If your windows are 15 to 20 years old, you should consider having them replaced. If you aren’t sure whether installing new home windows is worth the cost of the construction headaches, you should consider the ways your home and family can benefit from installing new windows.

#1 A More Comfortable Home

Old windows tend to be drafty. When the insulation starts to break down, the cold or hot air can seep in through the failed insulation, creating uncomfortable areas in the home. In addition, most old windows were designed with just one pane of glass, which can make your home cooler during the winter and hotter during the summer. If you have furniture in front of the windows, your family will sit elsewhere during extreme temperatures.

New windows are designed with excellent insulation, and there won’t be any leaks. They also have two or three panes of glass. This will ensure that your home will be comfortable regardless of the temperature outdoors.

#2 Save Money On Your Energy Bills

As mentioned above, old windows tend to be drafty. The draft can make your home colder than it should be, requiring your heating system to work overtime to keep the house warm. This extra work will result in higher heating bills and put excess strain on your system, reducing its lifespan.

New home windows are designed with excellent insulation designed to prevent drafts. Within a few years, your new windows will pay for themselves in the money you can save on your heating costs. Installing new windows will also keep the hot air out and the air-conditioned air in during the summer, saving you money on your cooling costs.

#3 Clearer Views

Over time, old window panes can develop a yellowish tint. They can also develop tiny scratches, both of which can affect your view out the windows.

The window panes will be clear and free of scratches when you have new home windows installed, providing clearer views outside.

#4 Easy To Maintain

Many old windows were designed with wooden frames. Unfortunately, wooden frames are difficult to maintain. Over time, the paint on the inner and outer frame will start to chip. You will need to sand down the windows and repaint them to keep your home looking nice. This can be a very tedious and time-consuming job.

If you have new home windows installed in your home, you won’t need to worry about routine maintenance. New windows are made of fiberglass or PVC, and the frames don’t need to be painted. If the inner frames get dirty, wiping them down with a wet rag is all that needs to be done. If the outer frames get dirty, you simply need to spray them down with a hose. Installing new windows makes routine sanding and painting unnecessary.

#5 Easy To Clean

Cleaning your windows regularly is necessary for clear views outside. If the windows in your San Antonio, TX home are old, washing the windows can be a hassle and can also be dangerous. Cleaning the inner panes is easy; however, cleaning the outer panes can be tricky. You will need to climb a ladder to reach the top of the windows and the windows on the second floor. You will need to climb the ladder while carrying the window cleaner and a cloth, making the climb dangerous. If you make a wrong move while washing the windows, you can fall off the ladder, sustaining serious injuries.

New home windows were designed with easy cleaning in mind. When you are done cleaning the inner pane, the window folds in, allowing you to wash the outer panes from the safety of your home. New windows will make washing the windows a quick and easy job.

#6 Added Home Security

Old windows weren’t designed with security in mind. The window locks weren’t designed to be very secure, and most have just one pane of glass. If an intruder attempts to enter your home through the window, if the window lock still works, they can bypass it. In addition, it is easy to break one pane of glass, giving them an entry point into your home if they cannot get the window open.

New home windows were designed with home security in mind. The locks are designed to be secure enough that the windows cannot be opened when they are locked. In addition, new home windows are designed with two or three panes of glass, making them almost impossible. When you have new windows installed in your home, you will have peace of mind that your family and home are safe and secure.

#7 Protect Your Home Furnishings

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful. If you have old windows in your home, everything the sun shines on can start to fade. This can include the drapes, carpeting, furniture, and other home furnishings in the sun’s path.

New windows are designed with UV-protected window panes. When the sun shines into your home, the coating on the windows will protect your home furnishing from fading and needing to be replaced.

#8 Increase the Value Of Your Home

Installing new windows will increase the value of your home. If you decide to sell, you can increase the asking price by up to $7,000 after a new window installation. In addition, you will get more interested buyers when you include the window replacement in the listing.

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