7 Signs You Need A Window Replacement | San Antonio, TX

7 Signs You Need A Window Replacement | San Antonio, TX

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There is no question that home improvement products sell replacement investments over repairs. Although a window repair can still work, totally replacing a window will yield better outcomes while ensuring durability. However, window replacements cost more than repairs.

Although they yield better results, it does not mean that replacing your windows is your best alternative. Most times, you can solve the problems on your windows using a repair. Regardless of the repair size, the services of a professional window installer are necessary. The window may have another underlying issue that you may not solve using your DIY repair. Professional window installers inspect the window before replacing or repairing it. However, replacement is necessary sometimes.

So, should you replace or repair your windows? Do you need to replace them? If these questions have been lingering around your mind, then you are in the right place. Below are seven signs that you need to replace your windows.

Visible Damage

Noticeable physical damages on your windows are an obvious sign they need replacement. Cracked frames, broken glass, rot, dilapidation, and warped panes show a desperate need for window replacement.

There is not much you can do to salvage the broken frames of your windows. When you consider their repair costs, replacement automatically becomes the better choice. You can even replace them with energy-efficient ones, enabling you to reap their benefits.

So, when you want to replace your windows, call a professional window installer to inspect the old one and for advice. It prevents you from making costly mistakes during the window replacement.

Drafty Areas

Are there cold air pockets near the windows? If you have noticed such, your windows allow air to flow into your house. The drafty regions reduce your home’s comfort, showing that you need to give your windows a closer look.

The drafts also show that there is no insulation on your windows. Have you noticed this? Call a professional window installer to replace the caulking or weather-strip the window. However, the professional window installer may have to perform complete window replacements with unnecessary drafts.

Sweat Between the Panes

Condensation happens when a vapor touches an icy surface. Condensation should not worry you if it happens on the outer side of your window. If you notice beads of sweat between the window panes, you may have a problem.

The beads show that moisture penetrates your window seal because it has a defect. That moisture may cause many issues, including mold and mildew. It may also show that your window’s insulating gas has escaped, making that section of your window ineffective.

If you have noticed sweat between the window panes, seek the services of a professional window repair technician. With the warm summers in San Antonio, TX, leave nothing to chance in ensuring that your windows are functioning correctly.


Windows last for several years or even decades. However, no matter their design, they come closer to needing a replacement as they age. As they get old, the windows diminish and wear down both appearance and performance.

Your windows’ lifetime depends heavily on what materials they are made with. The lifetime also depends on whether the windows were installed properly, how you maintain them, and the region that you live in.

However, regardless of the state of your window, if they are over 20 years old, the time is ripe to look if there are damage signs. The advancements in window technologies have brought about better-looking, secure, and efficient windows than your old models. Schedule an appointment with a window replacement professional to inspect the window and advise you on the next course of action.

When You Get High Energy Bills

Heating and cooling are expenses that contribute to high energy bills in many homes. A drafty window can cause an increase in energy bills. In winter, any heat escaping from your home causes the heating system to work extra hard. The energy bills also increase.

In summer, losing cool air from your house causes the HVAC system to work harder to cool your hose. This has the effect of increasing your energy bills. Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills? The issue could be your windows.

Drafts can enter through cracks in the window frame or improper sealing and insulation. The type of window can be the culprit sometimes too. Regardless of what causes a hike in your electricity bills, consider using energy-efficient window replacements.

Ensure you research the replacement windows that will maximize your home’s energy efficiency. There are many glass materials available for sale today. If in doubt, call a professional window installer for inspection, repairs, and replacement of your windows.

When You Experience Difficulty When Opening or Closing The Window

The windows at your home can open in various ways, depending on their style. We may open the windows vertically or swing them outward or upward. Regardless of the style, they should close, lock and open with ease and adequately.

Are you experiencing difficulties in pushing open or tightly closing your windows? It means they have an underlying problem. The problem is more defined if they do not lock or latch shut. Because buglers and intruders find the window the easiest entry point when breaking into your home, the ability to lock and close them properly is vital.

Are your windows having these issues? It could result from a bent frame, a broken sash, or a warping from contraction and expansion. Before conducting any window replacement, contact a professional window installer to inspect your window’s function. If you are in San Antonio, TX, call us First Place Windows for all your window replacement service needs.


Part of a windows’ function is insulating your home against exterior noise. If you can hear vehicles whizzing in the streets while sitting on the couch, something is amiss with your windows. It means that the windows are not insulated properly.

Although there are ways of enhancing or replacing your windows’ insulation to lower noise levels, loud noises need new windows. Ensure the seals surrounding your windows are in place and replace any loose or peeling caulking. Call a professional window repair and replacement technician to install a weather-stripping barrier to provide additional insulation for your windows. However, if the windows are damaged and no matter which repair you do, there still will be some noise. Window replacement is the only solution.

Window Replacement Services in San Antonio, TX

Windows have many benefits to a home or a house. Therefore, they should be kept functioning. Window repair, installation, and replacement need to be done by people with experience handling such.

Have you noticed either of the above and do you live in San Antonio, TX? Visit First Place Windows online or at our offices to inquire about our services. As a customer, you are an invaluable asset to use. Tending to your needs is our utmost goal.

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