7 Reasons To Have New Home Windows Installed Today | San Antonio, TX

7 Reasons To Have New Home Windows Installed Today | San Antonio, TX

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The windows in your San Antonio, TX home serve many purposes. The most important purpose is to allow natural light to shine in and provide a clear view outside. Your windows also protect you from the elements. They keep the cold air out and the heat in during the winter, and the cool air in and the hot air out during the summer.

If you live in an older home and the windows have never been replaced, you should consider installing new home windows.

If you think your existing windows are okay and that a window replacement isn’t worth the cost, you should consider the ways your home and family can benefit by installing new windows.

#1 Save On Your Energy Bills

If your energy bills have recently increased and you cannot figure out why your windows could be to blame. Old windows tend to be drafty. When the hot or cold air seeps in through the windows, your HVAC system will need to work harder to keep your home comfortable. The excess work will cause your energy bills to increase and can reduce your HVAC system’s lifespan.

New windows are sealed tightly, which will prevent drafts, reducing your energy bills. You should notice a difference in the first bill you receive after the windows have been installed.

#2 Clear, Crisp Views

Over time, your window panes can develop tiny scratches. They can also develop a yellow tint. These issues will affect your ability to see outside clearly.

If you have new home windows installed, the window panes will be brand new and free of scratches and discoloration. When they are installed, you will have much clearer, crisper views outside.

#3 Washing the Windows Is Simple

You need to wash your windows regularly to keep your home looking nice and see clearly out the window. Cleaning your old windows can be challenging and dangerous. It is easy to clean the interior pane because you wash them from inside your house. The exterior panes are more complicated. You will need to climb a ladder with paper towels and window cleaner in your hands. It takes just one misstep to fall, which can cause serious injuries. Also, you will need to move the ladder and climb up and down for every window in your home, which can be very time-consuming.

New home windows are designed with easy cleaning in mind. When you finish washing the interior window, you can fold it in, allowing you to clean the exterior pane from the safety of your home. Cleaning new windows is also a lot less time-consuming.

#4 Less Maintenance

Years ago, window frames were made of wood, and most people painted the interior and exterior frame to ensure the windows matched the home. If your existing windows have wooden frames, the paint can start to chip over time. This would require you to sand the frames and repaint them. This is a big job and can be very time-consuming.

New home windows are designed with fiberglass frames, which don’t need to be painted. If the frames get dirty, wipe down the interior frame and hose down the exterior frame to remove dirt or debris.

#5 UV Protection

When the sun shines into your home, the sun’s harmful UV rays can fade anything the sun hits, such as your drapes, carpets, furniture, and other home furnishings.

New home windows are designed with a UV coating on the window panes, which will allow natural light to come into the home, and will filter the UV rays, preventing your home furnishings from fading. #6 Keep Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

Unfortunately, old windows weren’t designed with security in mind. Old window locks aren’t very secure, and over time they can fail. Many home intruders use the windows as a point of entry. If your window locks aren’t secure, an intruder can easily pry the window open and gain access to your home.

Old windows were also designed with just one pane of glass, which is easy to shatter. If an intruder cannot get the window open, they can easily break the window to gain access.

New home windows are designed with strong, secure locks. In addition, they are designed with multiple panes of glass with gas in between each pane, which cannot be broken easily.

Installing new windows will ensure your family and home are safe.

#6 Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you are like most San Antonio, TX homeowners, you want your home to be the nicest one on the block. As mentioned above, the paint on older windows can start to paint, which will require you to sand and repaint the frames. Also, when the window frames age, the wood can decay, affecting the appearance of your home.

If you decide to install new home windows, you can choose the right color and style to match your home’s exterior, significantly improving your home’s curb appeal.

#7 Increase Your Home’s Value

A few home renovations provide a high return on your investment, and installing new windows is one of them. If you spend $12,000 on new windows, you can increase your home’s resale value by $9,672, which is an 81 percent return on your investment.

In addition, if you decide to sell your home, adding the new window installation to the listing will bring more interested buyers. Many homebuyers today are looking for turnkey, energy-efficient homes, and installing new home windows provides both.

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