6 Ways A Window Replacement Can Benefit Your Home And Family | New Braunfels, TX

6 Ways A Window Replacement Can Benefit Your Home And Family | New Braunfels, TX

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The windows in your New Braunfels, TX home provide clear views outside and allow natural night to shine inside. You can open your windows to allow fresh air into the home, and you can close them to protect your home from the heat, cold, and elements.

If the windows in your home are over 10 years old, it may be time to consider a window replacement. If you aren’t sure whether it is worth the cost to replace 10-year-old windows, you should consider the ways new windows will benefit your home and family and the problems your existing windows are causing.

#1 Your Home Will Be More Comfortable

If the windows in your home are over 10 years old, the seal is likely failing, allowing cold drafts into your home during the winter. In addition, the single-pane windows don’t provide adequate protection from the cold.

When cold drafts come in through the windows, you will have cold spots in your home. Your family will avoid the furniture close to the windows to avoid drafts.

A window replacement will solve this problem. Your new windows will be sealed tightly with multiple panes of glass, which will keep the cold air out, and your home will be more comfortable all winter long.

#2 Save On Your Energy Bills

A window replacement can be expensive; however, you should consider the money you can save. Drafty windows will cause the temperature in your home to drop, and your heating system will have to work overtime to keep your home warm. This will cause your monthly energy bills to increase.

New windows are properly sealed and have multiple panes of glass, keeping your home warm. According to The Department of Energy, you can save up to $500 per year on your energy bills.

New windows can also extend the lifespan of your heating system. When your heating system has to work overtime to keep your home warm when cold drafts come into your home, the strain can decrease its maximum lifespan. Installing new windows can help your heating system last longer, saving you thousands of dollars that it would cost to replace the system sooner than necessary.

#3 Easy To Clean

The best way to ensure clear, crisp views out the windows in your New Braunfels, TX home is to wash them regularly. Cleaning the inner pane is quick and easy because it can be done while you are inside. Cleaning the outer pane is more time-consuming, challenging, and dangerous.

You will need to climb a ladder to reach the top of the first-floor windows and the entire second-floor window. Going up and down the ladder carrying window cleaner and paper towels can be dangerous. It takes just one wrong step while climbing or cleaning to fall and become seriously injured.

New windows will allow you to safely clean the inner and outer panes from the safety of your home. When you finish cleaning the inner pane, the window flips in, allowing you to clean the outer pane safely while inside your home. Replacing your windows will make washing them quick, easy, and safe.

#4 Added Home Security

Old windows weren’t designed with home security in mind. Older, wooden frames aren’t very durable, and the locks on old windows are mediocre at best.

According to recent statistics, 46 percent of home intrusions happen through the windows. If an intruder tries to open your old windows to gain access to your home, it may not be difficult to pry the window open, even if it is locked. In addition, old windows have a single pane of glass, which is easy to shatter.

A window replacement will keep your home and family safe from intruders. New window frames are durable and are designed with home security in mind. Also, it will be very difficult for an intruder to break multiple panes of glass without bringing attention to themselves.

New windows will give you the peace of mind you need when you are away or when your family is in bed for the night.

#5 UV Protection

As you already know, the sun’s UV rays are harmful to your health. The UV rays can also damage the home interiors in your home. When the sun shines in, the UV rays can cause your drapes, carpeting, furniture, and other home furnishings to fade, affecting the appearance of your home.

Fortunately, a window replacement can protect your home furnishings. New window panes are designed with a layer of UV protection, which allows natural light to shine into your home and blocks out the harmful UV rays.

#6 Increase the Value Of Your Home

According to CNBC, a window replacement costing a total of $10,000 can increase the value of your home by around $8,500, which is an 85 percent return on your investment.

If you decide to sell your New Braunfels, TX home, you can increase the asking price by thousands of dollars. In addition, including the new windows in the listing will attract more interested buyers. Many homebuyers today are looking for turn-key, energy-efficient homes. A window replacement will check off both of these boxes.

Finally, new windows will improve your home’s curb appeal, making a great first impression when potential buyers come to tour your home.

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