4 Reasons To Choose Double Hung Home Windows For Your Home | San Antonio, TX

4 Reasons To Choose Double Hung Home Windows For Your Home | San Antonio, TX

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If you’re interested in changing the overall look of your home, one of the easiest things that you can do is still install new home windows. This is particularly true if you live in an older home that only has a single pane window. Single pane windows are no longer popular because they’re not energy-efficient at all. It’s easy for heat to escape through the windows or enter from them.

When choosing new home windows, you’ll be bombarded with different styles and designs. Once you’ve chosen a style or design, you will then need to consider the different features that will be most appropriate for your home. For example, you need to weigh out the pros and cons of double pane versus triple pane home windows. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to apply a window film on top of the glass pane.

But, first things first, you need to consider the window style or design that’s most suitable for your home. Double hung windows are extremely popular choices because they are able to offer a lot of unique advantages over other window types. These windows have two sashes in the window frame that can move up and down. The sashes can also tilt in. We’ll take a look at some of them below.

#1. Ease of Cleaning

Most homeowners loathe cleaning day. There’s simply so much to clean, and it takes a lot of effort. If you decide to go with double hung home windows, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of headaches in the future because these windows are some of the easiest ones to clean. This is because both of the sashes tilt in, so you can easily clean the outside of the windows from the inside.

This also means that you won’t have to hire a professional window cleaning company even if the windows are located above the first floor, as you can easily access them yourself. It also means that these windows are safer to clean. With other types of windows, you’ll need to clean the outside of the windows using some type of scaffolding like a ladder.

#2. Airflow and Ventilation

One of the main functions of windows is to prove the airflow within the home. You definitely get this with double hung home windows. Because both of the sashes are able to move up and down, you can easily allow warm air to escape from your home during the summer. These windows improve ventilation within the entire home.

Another thing to note is that these windows easily allow for portable AC installations. You can easily place and secure an AC unit in these windows without much effort at all. You can also remove the AC unit easily as well.

#3. Affordability

Another thing that you’ll notice is that double hung windows in San Antonio, TX are extremely affordable. You can easily install these windows in your home even if you’re on a budget. Another thing to note is that you’ll also get a great deal on the installation service if you purchase the windows from the window installation company.

Another reason why many people will choose to purchase the windows from the window installation company is because they’ll be able to get a better warranty and guarantee. If anything goes wrong, homeowners can file a claim with either the manufacturer or the window installation company.

It’s important to also note that you can drop the prices of the windows if you opt for different features. For example, double pane windows are cheaper than triple pane windows although double pane windows can be just as energy efficient.

#4. Variety

Last but not least, double hung windows are extremely popular because they come in a lot of varieties. You can choose different styles, designs and colors that suit the overall aesthetics of your home. It’s easy to find something that will look good in different rooms. With that said, most homeowners will usually choose the same style, and design and color in order to maintain some type of consistency.

While we’re on the topic of variety, you can also get these windows customized if you do not see anything that you like. This will be a slightly more complicated process. You need to speak with the window installation company to see what they can do. Depending on how customize the windows will be, it might take some time for the windows to be produced.

If you’re not sure what style or design best suits your home, you can speak with a contractor at the window installation company. In addition to advice, they might also be able to show you some examples of work that they’ve done in the past. This might give you a better idea of what type of style or design might look best for your home.

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Switching out your old home windows to new ones can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetics of your home. There are many different window types available, and the different types can have a different effect. Each type can also possess its own unique traits that make it more suitable for your home than another type. In this article, we’ve looked at the benefits of choosing double hung home windows.

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