10 Reasons You Should Have New Home Windows Installed Today | San Marcos, TX

10 Reasons You Should Have New Home Windows Installed Today | San Marcos, TX

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The windows in your home allow you to get clear views outside, and they allow the sun to come into the home. When you open your windows, you can let the fresh air in. If your home is between 10 and 20 years old and you have never had them replaced, they are dated, and you should consider having new home windows installed. If you are debating whether installing new windows is worth the investment, you should consider the benefits associated with this project.

#1 Save Money On Your Energy Bill

The most common reason why San Marcos, TX homeowners have new home windows installed is to save money on their energy bills. Old windows don’t have good insulation, and they often have air leaks. Old windows allow cold air to leak into the home during the winter, causing your heating system to work overtime. During the summer, the cool air-conditioned air can escape through the window, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Both of these issues will cause your energy bill to increase.

New windows have better insulation and sealing, so there won’t be an excess strain on your HVAC system. This can save you hundreds of dollars every year on your energy bill.

#2 Increased Comfort

If you have old, drafty windows in your home, you can get cold when you sit by the window. New home windows won’t cause a draft, which will allow you to place furniture in front of the window without worrying about getting cold.

#3 Clear Views Outside

Over time, old window panes can become foggy. They can also get scratched and develop a yellowish tint. This can affect your view out the window.

If you have new windows installed in your home, the pane will be clean and clear, free of any scratches, providing a crisp, clear view out the window.

#4 Low Maintenance

Most old windows were designed with wooden frames. Over time, the paint can begin to chip. This will require you to sand and repaint the interior and exterior frame every few years, which can be very time-consuming.

New home windows are made of fiberglass and composite, and they aren’t painted. You would simply need to wipe the frames down with a wet cloth to keep the frames looking their best.

#5 Easy To Clean

If you want clean, clear views out your window, you need to clean them regularly. If you have old windows in your San Marcos, TX home, washing them can be dangerous. It is easy to clean the inner pane because it can be done from inside the house. Cleaning the outer pane is a different story. You will need to stand on a ladder to reach the top of the window. If your home has a second-story, cleaning the outer panes can be even more dangerous. You will need to stand on a ladder, and one misstep can result in a very dangerous fall.

New home windows are designed for safe cleaning. After you clean the inner pane, you can fold the window in and clean the outer pane from inside your home.

#6 More Security

According to statistics, most home break-ins occur through the window. If you have old windows in your San Marcos, TX home, you won’t have much security. The locks on old windows weren’t designed to be very secure, and they can be opened even if the door is locked. Also, most old windows have just one pane of glass, making it easy for an intruder to break a window.

New home windows are designed with security in mind. The locks are very secure, and they have two or three panes of glass, making it very difficult to break the glass. Installing new windows in your home will keep your family safe and secure.

#7 Easy To Open and Close

Most old windows have wooden frames. When it gets hot and humid, the wood can swell, making it difficult to open and close the windows. Also, older window tracks weren’t designed very well. Over time, the tracks can wear out or become damaged, which can also make it difficult to open and close the windows.

New home windows are not made of wood, so you won’t need to worry about the frame swelling during the summer. Also, the tracks are designed to function properly for years.

#8 Noise Control

If you have old windows and live on a busy street or a noisy neighborhood, it can be impossible to get any peace and quiet in your home. Old windows don’t have much insulation, which will allow the noise outside to be heard inside.

New windows are designed with more insulation, which will provide noise control. They also provide more privacy. The added insulation will prevent people outside from hearing what is going on inside.

#9 Improved Curb Appeal

If you are like most homeowners, curb appeal is very important. If you have old windows, they can make the exterior of your home look dated. New windows can breathe new life into the exterior of your home and can improve the home’s curb appeal.

#10 Increase the Value Of Your Home

If you decide to sell your home, new home windows will allow you to increase the value by up to $9,000. When you include that you had new windows installed in your listing, you will attract more potential buyers. Many homebuyers are looking for turn-key homes that require no work, and new windows are a huge selling point.

Why Choose First Place Windows?

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