Showcase Your Creativity with Unique Window Ideas for the Family Room


Today’s consumers demand more from their windows than in the past. It is not enough that windows are sturdy, they must be attractive enough to contribute to the overall look of the house. More importantly, they must meet homeowners’ needs for energy efficiency and comfort. Whether you are getting replacement windows or building a home, the new windows should balance your current budget with long-term value.

Reasons to Replace

Anyone building a new home is in a good position to get some of the best windows right from the start. If your home is showing its age, there a few good reasons why you should invest in new windows.

  • Older windows are less secure, and tend to be easy access points for intruders.
  • Too much heat and UV radiation. Newer windows are better at minimizing the levels of heat and UV radiation that enter the home
  • Aging-related issues. Older windows are more prone to moisture intrusions and air leaks so they should be replaced.

Unique and Creative Window Ideas

With so many window styles available, the key is choosing those that blend with your home’s architectural style. One factor that helps is the variety of sizes and window styles available. Here are some ways to get new windows with a creative spin.

  • Use different window style. Windows don’t have to be the same throughout the home. Some home have a somewhat eclectic design that does not conform to any one standard. Using different windows form each room or section can help to pull this off nicely.
  • Picture window. A large picture sets a distinctive tone, and enhances natural light while providing a great outdoor view. Accessorize with lights and trim for a memorable look.
  • Arched window. This attractive option is suited only to a few architectural styles and work well with ornamented themes. Arched windows complement wide cornices such as you would find in Italianate designs.
  • Natural wood trim. Regardless of the shape or size, framing the window with natural wood provides a classic touch. These distinctive outlines can suit almost any wall color, and provide a lift to lighter tones.
  • Floor to ceiling. This window puts you closer to nature, and fills the indoors with natural light.
  • Bay window. This is another good choice for bathing the interior in natural light and providing a great view. From the outside, the design of the window adds architectural interest.

You can give your home a makeover with something as simple as changing the windows. If you are struggling to come up with the right ideas for new windows in your home, give us a call at 210-444-9485 and we’ll try to provide the right kind of inspiration to create amazing and unique window options for your home. Call us if you’re in the greater San Antonio area and would like to schedule an appointment for a free consultation regarding windows, siding, sunrooms, or patio covers.


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