Create some Serious Shade this Summer with a Patio Cover


The need for extra living space is one that many homeowners face at some point. You might not be able to add a room to your home, but with the right cover, you can make great use of your patio space. A patio cover is primarily functional, that is, it provides shade. It also has the potential to enhance the aesthetics of the property and effectively work as an inexpensive extension of the home. While it will keep the heat at bay, your patio area will still have plenty of natural lighting. It’s a win/win for people who enjoy the great outdoors, but prefer to do it in comfort.

Patio cover designs are relatively simple, but this does not mean that choosing the right one is always easy. It is different from the typical awning because it is sturdier, and is usually a fixed addition to the patio. So in a real sense, it works more like an additional roof that adds to the overall aesthetic of your home. Quality patio covers stand up well to different types of weather, so they last long enough to be sensible investments. 

The Design

The look of your home is probably the biggest influence in choosing a patio cover. You will need one that matches or complements the design and color scheme. Ultimately, the patio cover must seem like a natural part of the home rather than something that has been added on. Resist the temptation to go for bright colors simply because they look pretty. You have a variety of colors to choose from that will suit the style of your home, and the patio furniture as well.

Selecting the Material

Like so many other fixtures for the home, patio covers come in different materials. Once you know the size you will need, you will have to decide whether you prefer wood, aluminum or plastic. Wood is versatile enough to work next to brick, concrete or siding. Aluminum, on the other hand might be too much of a contrast when added to a brick structure. Wood needs more maintenance than plastic or aluminum, so this should factor into your decision as well. Aluminum requires less maintenance, but it tends to attract more heat, making the space under the cover warmer.

Custom Covers

There is no point in buying a patio cover, if you can’t get one that suits your specific needs and the look of your home. Some designs are very simple and straightforward. Even an elaborate one can be made more attractive with the addition of accessories such as lights, and decorative features. You can offer your own ideas to the builder when you call for a consultation.

Every moment you spend outdoors under your patio covers translates to savings on your air conditioning. It also gives you another place where you can relax while enjoying the outdoors. Give us a call at 210-444-9485 if you’re in the greater San Antonio area and would like to schedule an appointment for a free consultation regarding windows, siding, sunrooms, or patio covers.


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